Tesco Express store in Wallasey Village denied for the final time

Posted: 21/02/2014

Tesco Express store in Wallasey Village denied for the final time.

 Having an enormous total of 6,784 stores worldwide and 3,146 of those stores being located up and down the UK, Tesco are one of the biggest supermarket retailers in existence. However, their plans to open a store in the centre of Wallasey Village on the Wirral have been denied planning permission for the final time.

 Based on Wirral Borough Council’s decision, the Government have refused the supermarket giants appeal for planning permission. Many members involved in the campaign who live either in or around the area of Wallasey have been celebrating victory regarding the verdict. There had been many objections towards the project such as noisy delivery lorries and unexpected inconvenient delivery arrivals throughout the day. It would also intensify dangers for the pupils attending the secondary school directly opposite to the proposed Tesco plot. Having been denied an appeal, this is known to be the second application the retailer has made since April 2013 which was also denied due to suggestions about the size and design of the projected plot.

 A group of campaigners from Wallasey managed to collate a gigantic number of 1,000 signatures from members of the public to contribute against the Tesco express store that was proposed to be constructed upon the site that used to be home to Classic Car Sales in Wallasey Village, adjacent to the Farmers Arms Public House.

Many members of the public where included in the campaign, these included local traders, householders and Councillor Leah Taylor who was head of the debate. Following the great news she made the following comments;
“This is wonderful news, Tesco with all their wealthy business have been defeated for a third time – there are no other avenues left open to them, the residents and traders of Wallasey have been successful in taking charge of the situation and have beaten Tesco at their own game.”

The appeal made by the world renowned retailer was terminated by a Planning Inspector who stated; “The effect of the proposed development with regard to outlook, overshadowing, noise and disturbance; and, whether adequate off-street parking and servicing provision would be made having regard to the living conditions of neighbouring residents.”

Having triumphed over Tesco, the local residents have been celebrating but have they fail to realise that if this store had been built, it could have produced more jobs, provided a shopping choice in Wallasey Village and could have also created further investment within the area?

Leading on from this event, Mark Thomas a Spokesman from Tesco said that even though the appeal had been rejected, Tesco will go on to respect the judgment that has been made and they will contemplate options concerning where they go from the current position.

Do you believe that an opportunity has been missed by refusing Tesco to build a store in Wallasey Village?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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