The CML Handbook Changes & TitleChecker by CLSL

Posted: 11/12/2014

On Monday 1st December 2014, amendments were made to the CML Lenders Handbook including more than 30 changes to both Part 1 & 2 of the CML Handbook.

It is essential that solicitors and conveyancers comply with lenders requirements and the CML Handbook should be checked on every occasion or issues can be missed. However, Pali can assist you with this issue by providing you with a free TitleChecker when purchasing a Chancel Check Report. The TitleChecker will ensure that you can easily identify any potential issues which means that you are complying with lender requirements.

About TitleChecker

TitleChecker® interrogates the Land Registry records contained in an OC1 and where an entry requiring lender consideration is identified, it provides the relevant CML Part 1 and Part 2 responses specific to the entry, assisting the conveyancer in identifying lender compliant solutions. The report is split into three sections:


The basic elements of the Land Registry title, e.g. tenure or grade of title.


Identifies matters that may affect the proprietors legal and/or beneficial interest in the property, e.g. a caution or notice.


Relates to matters that may affect the proprietors intended use of the property, e.g. restrictive covenants or mineral rights.

TitleChecker® offers a summarised result for each of the above sections, itemised clearly at the top of the report. The overview analysis of each component is listed below. Where the report requires attention or is critical, details from the OC1 and CML Handbook are provided.

TitleChecker® offers the following benefits:


TitleChecker® assists the conveyancer in establishing the protocol for activity during a conveyancing transaction, if you are required to review the lenders files. TitleChecker® Reviews both Part 1 & Part 2 of the CML (where Lender is identified).

Audit Trail

TitleChecker® provides clients with an audit trail, highlighting any areas that require further investigation with an amber or red flag (where no issues are identified, a green flag will be shown)


The CQS has established a process to ensure that the seller’s solicitor investigates and discloses any information regarding the property to their client.

A disbursement

Where TitleChecker® is ordered with a ChancelCheck it can be classed as a disbursement.

You can also purchase a standalone TitleChecker report for £24 inc VAT if you do not require a Chancel Check Report. If you would like to order either of the above, please place your order through your account on or contact us on 0151 691 1170 / and we will be more than happy to help.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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