The future of Fracking on the Wirral

Posted: 09/07/2012

The energy exploitation company IGas has a licence to extract gas from Manchester to the Mersey/Dee estuaries and it estimates that there is 1.95 trillion cubic feet of shale gas under the Wirral alone.

The extraction of shale gas is called Fracking and the process involves high pressured water, chemicals and sand being injected into wells dug deep underground to release shale gas. Unfortunately, this process also releases methane gas, twenty times more potent than Carbon Dioxide when relating to Global Warming.

However, Wirral Borough Council’s leader Phil Davies has banned Fracking on the Wirral until environmental safeguards are 100% secure, even though an expert report stated that the risks were ‘very low’ from Fracking in the UK. The report indicated that, with well regulated operations the risk of water contamination and earthquakes are very low. Blackpool experienced two earthquakes last June because of Fracking and the process was suspended until further safety inspections could be carried out. If you would like to read more about this story, please visit Pali’s blog HERE.

Councillor Davies stated that he was ‘not completely convinced on the technology’ and that he ‘would be concerned about the disruption that would be caused by the high pressure drilling’. Phil Davies also spoke about the support he received from his fellow council officers, backing the banning of Fracking and he added, ‘We passed a resolution at council last year saying we were opposed to any application’.

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What are your thoughts on the ban of Fracking on the Wirral?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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