The Government tackle beds in sheds problem

Posted: 15/05/2012

The housing minister Grant Shapps has addressed the problem of beds in sheds by allocating £1.8 million to the worst affected councils.

The term ‘beds in sheds’ represents a very poor, cold, cramped, damp, dark living accommodation such as an outhouse in a yard, with no proper amenities that poses a health risk to any tenant living there. The type of tenant that’s usually found in these deprived conditions are migrants. In many cases, the heartless landlords blackmail and destroy their tenant’s passports to extort benefit payments. The average rent charged per month is around £350.

The councils that are worst affected, therefore will receive the money are;

* Brent
* Ealing
* Hillingdon
* Hounslow
* Newham
* Peterborough
* Redbridge
* Slough
* Southwark

Seven of these nine councils are located in London which highlights how unaffordable housing has become in the English capital.

The money from the Government is to be used to find criminal landlords and crack down on the cruel exploitation. There will be a taskforce team to tackle the issue which will include the Police, council, HM Revenue and Customs and the United Kingdom Boarder Agency all pulling together to fight this rising crime.

Mr Shapps referred to the growing trend as ‘shanty towns’ and spoke about tackling the situation, ‘I’m determined to flush out criminal landlords who think they can make an easy buck from cramped, cockroach-ridden outhouses. The scandal of beds in sheds must come to an end.’

Do you know of any unsuitable buildings being used as accommodation in your area?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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