The Governments decision on Fracking for the UK

Posted: 21/05/2012

Fracking is a controversial method of extracting shale gas from underground sources. The process involves injecting high pressured water, chemicals and sand into drilled shale beds to release Methane gas, which can be stored and used instead of importing fossil fuels. The lucrative alternative has been nick-named ‘energy gold’ as the gas is in such high demand.

Only last month, the chairman of the Environment Agency, Lord Smith backed the process of extracting shale gas from the UK but the Government have rejected Fracking as an alternative solution to Britain’s energy crisis.

Industry experts met with David Cameron and other senior ministers including the Liberal Democrats energy secretary, Ed Davey to discover that the UK’s reserves of shale gas are smaller than first estimated. The gas was thought to be plentiful under the Pennines from Lancashire to Humberside, Kent, Sussex, South Wales, Hampshire, Northern Ireland, central Scotland and under Blackpool’s coastline but research has found different.

Supporters of Fracking claim that the process could be the largest factor in changing the UK’s energy market by reducing the reliance on foreign imports therefore, saving money. However, the Government have agreed that shale gas is deeply controversial and does not guarantee the major benefits supporters claim.

This revelation has been welcomed with open arms by green campaigners who have intensely opposed a potential new generation of gas extraction due to the environmental impact. Fracking has been linked with earthquakes including a 2.3 magnitude earthquake suffered by Blackpool last year. Other environmental damage includes contamination of ground water and air pollution.

Limited amounts of shale gas extraction will still go ahead around the UK but the procedure will be carried out with extreame caution, with tight regulations on both the environmental impacts and the effects on those living nearby.

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What are your thoughts on the controversial extraction of shale gas? Do you think we should exploit whatever energy sources we can find or do you believe we should be concentrating on renewable energy instead?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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