The growing interest of Narrow Houses!

Posted: 08/04/2015

With the news that house prices have reached another record high, it’s not surprising that property buyers are stretching their budgets even further for a household which is so small you would struggle to turn around in!

Not surprisingly in London, a seven foot wide house is on sale for £235,000 although this seems extremely small to those who live outside the capital, for a cash strapped London buyer this may be a steal. If the £235,000 price tag seems steep, it’s nothing compared to the £450,000 8ft wide property that was up for sale in South-East London in May last year.

It’s not just London where skinny is the new full-fat when it comes to properties. The owner of what was once described as Britain’s narrowest house is apparently thinking of selling up for offers in excess of £125,000 – although this time not in London but in Fratton, Portsmouth. The property in Portsmouth is a mere 4ft 10in at the front, a measurement the landlord claims makes it the second narrowest in the United Kingdom, beaten by a house in Scotland which is said to be an inch thinner.

The owner Stuart Beckett explains how looks can be deceiving;
“Originally we called it the Tardis – the outside looked so small but on the inside it’s massive,” Stuart Beckett told the Portsmouth News; “
You’d never expect it to be this big inside when you look at the front.”

Further west in Redruth, Cornwall, another competitor for the skinniest property is up for sale for £119,000. This one however is a little chubbier in comparison to the others at 6ft 1in wide at the front.  Would you consider parting with your hard earned cash for a small slice of property or maybe the very quirkiness of owning a skinny property is a plus? 


Eve Blakemore, Pali Ltd

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