The Ministry of Justice release eviction figures

Posted: 14/05/2012

The Ministry of Justice released official figures which revealed how landlords are evicting an average 65 tenants every day. These figures were calculated after the first three months of this year, which adds up to almost 6,000 claims filed through the courts.

The County Courts are struggling to deal with the over load of cases and lawyers are concerned over the delays landlords face when evicting tenants will cause financial problems.

The figures revealed how landlords filed 5,857 possession claims in the first three months of this year with 3,804 of the cases leading to eviction. However, when you add social landlord figures to the sum, the calculation jumps up to 36,605 cases filed which lead to 25,360 evictions. The majority of claims came from landlords in the London districts of Hackney, Newham and Greenwich.

The eviction figures have soared since a long downward trend of possession claims between 2002 and 2010 that were issued in the county courts of England and Wales.

The Plus Dane Housing Association in Liverpool are training 7 Police officers in the tenancy law so they can issue eviction warnings when called out to a tricky tenant. This will save sending extra staff to an incident, simply to warn tenants they may lose their home.

Are you a landlord and ever had to evict a tenant through the court?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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