The most haunted properties in Surrey

Posted: 26/10/2015

Surrey is home to many spooky stories to give you that frightened feeling in time for Halloween. Here are some of the scariest supposed sightings in Surrey.

In Betchworth Castle the ghost of Lord Hope is supposed to prowl the castle corridors and the grounds after accidentally murdering his son instead of an escaped prisoner. He is apparently seen to be extremely distressed and wringing his hands at the mistake he has just made.

Pippbrook House in Dorking, which is now the offices of Mole Valley District Council, is supposedly home to paranormal inhabitants in the form of a lady in a long dress who floats down the stairs regularly as well as a butler who can be seen staring out of a window. The building itself sits on the grounds of a manor house.

Farnham Library, formerly the site of Vernon House is said to be the final resting place for the ghost of Charles I. The monarch was held there before being executed in London by Cromwell’s republican forces in 1649.

However, some locations appear to be the home to several supernatural visitors. Farnham Castle for example is said to have many ghostly guests. Now a Conference Centre, as little girl supposedly dances on the stairs where she was said to have tripped and died, a monk, a bell that used to be housed in one of the balconies can be heard ringing as well as phantom calls and mutterings. Although it is not just apparitions and auditory phenomena that resides in Farnham Castle. A dead soldier who was shot through the face is said to cause visitors a pain in the face in empathy.

At Guilford Castle, there have also been a few different sighting of spooky presences. A worried child is claimed to have seen a man hanging by chains attached to the wall. The basement of the castle is indeed said to have been a gaol where prisoners where attached to the wall by chains. A woman is also said to be a common sighting walking the corridors in a Victorian dress as well as another lady who has been seen standing at the top of a staircase.

Hampton Court Palace is said to be the home of many Royal ghostly occupants. The ghosts of both Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour have apparently been sighted with Jane Seymour’s presence supposedly returning every 12th of October, the date she died in 1537. The spirit of Catherine Howard, Henry VIII’s fifth wife has also been spotted, sprinting along the gallery.

The Selsdon Park Hotel in Croydon, is home to a spooky maid believed to have committed suicide in the 1930s. However this isn’t the only haunted site in Croydon, At Old Croydon Palace, which was once the home to the Archbishops of Canterbury, but now a school, a crying lady has been spotted walking the corridors in search of her lost child.

As you are probably aware, Pali has offices across England and Wales, including an office in Croydon. I wonder if they know about all the spooky sightings going on around them. What would you do if you saw a ghostly apparition? 

Aislinn Devlin, Pali Ltd

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