The price of living near the best schools

Posted: 25/08/2015

Looking for the best place to live combining the best schools and low property prices? Then Birmingham is the place to look according to the latest research.

Purchasing a house in the surrounding area of a top state-funded school can end up costing as much as paying for a child to be privately educated. Property values in the same postcode as a top-performing state school are almost 28 percent more expensive than their neighbouring area.

eMoov, an online estate agent, used figures and records on school GCSE results and property sales to determine which schools provided a balance for affordable homes and quality education. King Edward VI Handsworth School in Birmingham came out on top with 99 percent of students accomplishing grades from A*-C in their GCSE exams and with the average cost of a home being £107,305. Results of analysis carried out by eMoov show the average price of a house in England is £514 for each GCSE point however around the girls’ grammar school properties have an average associated cost of £182.21 per point.

Out of the top 5 schools, 3 were located in Birmingham. Third place on the list went to King Edward VI Five Ways School and fifth place went to King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls.

Second place on the list goes to The Blue Coat School in Liverpool where 99 percent of students achieve A*-C grades and the average property price is £132,866.

Every school that made it into the top 5 are selective grammar schools.

Schools in London did not score well on the list due to expensive property prices. Tiffin School, located in Kingston upon Thames, only just made it into the top fifty on the list even though its pupils achieve some of the best results at GCSE in the whole county as the average cost of a house is a whopping £714, 982.

This information should come in handy for parents who are planning on joining the other 22 percent of people who have decided to move closer to a school to ensure a place for their children, as well as the 14 percent of families that have planned ahead by purchasing their home in the catchment area before even having children of a school-age.

Russel Quirk, eMoov’s Chief executive said “Unfortunately we aren’t all in the desirable position whereby we can wave our children off to a prestigious, private boarding school, but this latest eMoov study identifies the top performing schools in the country in relation to the affordability of property in their surrounding area.”

The list of the top 10 schools for great results and affordable property

1.            King Edward VI Handsworth School, Birmingham

2.            The Blue Coat School, Liverpool

3.            King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham

4.            Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth

5.            King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls, Birmingham

6.            Lancaster Girls' Grammar School, Lancaster

7.            Lawrence Sheriff School, Rugby

8.            The Crossley Heath School, Halifax

9.            Upton Hall School FCJ, Wirral

10.          Southend High School for Girls, Southend-on-Sea

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd

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