The problems with the new EPC that have already been encountered

Posted: 11/04/2012

We all knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy change, and so far, the new EPC and its guidelines have been very mystifying and confusing according to the majority of estate agents.

The new style EPC was launched on Friday 6th April and hasn’t even been used for a full week yet however, there has been one clear problem with the documents themselves.

One of the new rules of the EPC is that you must attach the first page to any written particulars. To do this, the document must be printed off from the Landmark website, owned by the Daily Mail, which was the chosen company to hold the database.

So far, agents have been able to generate and receive a full residential EPC, download the full commercial EPC and to generate the first page of the commercial EPC but not the residential EPC. This means that for each new property that goes on market, the estate agent can not simply print off the first page to display with the written particulars for residential properties.

This is because the PDF format in which the EPC is displayed on the computer does not have an option to print the first page as it is in the non editable format. This means that estate agents are having to print out the full residential EPC, which results in a waste of valuable time and a lot of paper, even thought the EPC is meant to be ‘green.’

Landmark has said that the option to select the first page of an EPC won’t be available till June, that’s a lot of wasted resources in the mean time!

Landmark’s customer service team are pretty clueless on the changes, which shows the lack of planning and training given from the Government and the CLG.

More confusion comes from whether an EPC has to be completed for a property in 7/21 or 28 days, up to now, both have been said. Also, if a property is put on the market without an EPC, estate agents face a fine of £200 although it is not know how local Trading Standards will police this situation.

What are your views on the changes to the EPC? Have you been trying to adjust to the changed but keep hitting a brick wall and becoming confused, annoyed and frustrated?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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