The REAL Haunted Properties in Britain

Posted: 30/10/2015

From startling sounds to strange lights and apparitions, here are some of the real haunted places in Britain. These properties have definitely seen their fair share of paranormal activity and they could be yours! Most of them are up for sale, so if you love things that go bump in the night, you could have just found your real haunted haven.

Arreton Manor, Isle of Wight, is renowned for its past of supernatural phenomena. Count Slade de Pomeroy, a previous owner, claims to have often been woken up during the night by a tapping on his bedroom door. There was never anybody there when he opened the door so he eventually just started to ignore the frightening sound. However the Count had told of one evening when he felt he was being “pushed back by invisible hands” when he opened the door. At exactly the same time as this took place, the housekeeper reported seeing two monks enter the room and then vanish into thin air. The Count sold the property in 1987.

Rookyard Farm in Suffolk, led to the grim discovery of a witch’s broom, a small skull. A pair of ancient shoes and even a mummified cat. Believed to have dated back to the 16th and 17th century when cats – dead or alive- were said to protect the property from evil spirits, the owners decided to keep all the items in a locked cupboard in their bedroom in the fear that throwing them away would reawaken evil spirits. Despite the items being discovered over ten years ago, the skull is believed to have been older than the house and would have been seen as a powerful talisman. The house is now on the market for 1.1 million.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland, is apparently the most haunted castle in Britain. Lady Tankerville, an owner who resided there during the 1920s, reported numerous paranormal sightings. In one instance, she claimed that she had known the ghost of a young officer at the hour of his death. After he appeared behind her whilst she was brushing her hair in a mirror, she turned round to speak to him before realising he must have been dead. They discovered the following day that he had in fact passed away at that exact hour. Lady Tankerville also claimed to have seen a frail figure in white around the castle, who supposedly begged her footman for water, whilst he had locked himself in the pantry at night to protect the silver. The sound of two men speaking has also been reported by guests, ceasing when the ghosts realise that someone is listening to them. However, the most famous ghost of the castle in referred to as the “blue boy”. According to guests, they have heard loud “wails” and have seen “blue flashes” above their beds in the castle’s Pink Room.  The castle’s Game Keepers’ Cottage is now up for sale for £189, 950.

Finally, Binham Priory, in Norfolk, is believed to home some lingering monks. According to the local vicar, the ghost of a monk wearing a black cowl has been spotted by locals walking the perimeter of the Priory and climbing up its spiral staircase. It has since been converted into a two bedroom cottage and can be yours for £365,000.

Aislinn Devlin, Pali Ltd

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