The Wirral Waters project site visited by Chinese business leaders

Posted: 08/03/2012


The area in Birkenhead that is to be developed by Peel Holdings was visited by a group of business leaders from China yesterday. The guests were shown around the site that will become the Wirral Waters project which is estimated to be completed in 30 years time.

Sam Wa International Investment is a joint business associate with Peel Holdings and the chairman, Stella Shiu visited the site with Jeff Green, who is Wirral Council’s leader and Lyndsey Ashworth who commented on the partnership between the companies and the project told the Wirral Globe, ‘We went to China last year holding presentations across the country. These people will report back with what they have found during this weeks visit to the Wirral.’

The Wirral Waters design will completely change the derelict dock lands in Birkenhead which is hoping to attract 1,000 companies from countries such as South Korea, India and China as well as European and Irish markets.

The completed multi million trade centre development is predicted to generate an estimated 3,000 jobs which will provide work for the local area as well as Liverpool and possibly including Chester/North Wales.

Peel Holdings were granted planning permission by Wirral Borough Council six months ago in September 2011 and the beginning of the regeneration started last week with the decontamination of the Beaufort Road plot, Jeff Green spoke about the progress to the Wirral Globe, ‘I’m delighted that we have got to the stage where people can see we have started work on the site.’

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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