Three major companies set to lift their hosepipe bans

Posted: 13/06/2012

Following the article posted yesterday about West Wales & South England floods make insurance agreement difficult, three major water companies are set to lift their hosepipe restrictions which have been in place since April 2012.

Seven water companies in the South and East of England imposed a hosepipe ban because of two very dry winters that caused a drought that left rivers and some groundwater supplies as low as the 1976 drought.

However, after record rainfall levels were experienced around the country causing devastating floods in some areas, Thames Water, Anglian Water and Southern Water will officially confirm the end of their hosepipe bans tomorrow on the 14th June.

Thames Water supplies 8.8 million customers, covering London and the Thames Valley making it the largest water company in the UK.

A spokesman from Anglian Water explained why the hosepipe ban will be lifted, ‘It's been because of supply and demand, it has recharged. It also is because we have had such a cold, wet May and June following a wet April, which means demand has been suppressed.’

Restrictions in Sussex and Kent will be lifted by Southern Water after heavy rain fell across the region and forecasters see no sign of it ending for at least the next week.

The water companies that continue to enforce their hosepipe bans are Veolia Water Central, South East Water, Veolia Water Southeast, Sutton and East Surrey.

If you would like to read a related article Hosepipe ban set for parts of the UK but wont effect the Olympics, which features the measures in place ensuring the huge amount of water needed for the London Olympics will be avalible and how it will be maintained.

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Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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