Q&A re - personal searches, in this instance; searches produced by Pali

Posted: 08/03/2012

Can we be confident in the ability of your employees?
All our employees are thoroughly trained and their work is regularly checked. Regular CPD training is undertaken to ensure we are abreast of new techniques and developments. Recent studies by Birmingham Trading Standards and The Land Registry showed that personal searches were more accurate than council produced searches.

Can you get all the information including building control?
It used to be that some councils would restrict access to certain records or files. Since the introduction of the EIR Pali has been dealing with the ICO to ensure that access is available to all the information required to compile both the LLc1 and the Con29R. All Pali searches are now complete.

Can you provide searches from all the councils in England and Wales?
Pali has offices throughout England and Wales and can provide searches from all councils at relatively short notice.

Does this involve different methods of ordering?
No Pali has a central ordering site which operates identically for all councils. We can set up specific search packages for regularly ordered reports and the system will quote the price before you place the order. You can however still order by email, fax, DX or post if you prefer. We work around whatever works best for you.

With councils the searches are returned in different ways, post, DX, email or online. Is it possible to receive all yours in the same format?
Yes. You decide how you wish to place your order and how you would like to receive the results. We will fall in with your wishes.

Most councils insist on payment by cheque with order. Can we pay over the phone or by cheque?
You can pay by card with each order but most of our clients have an account which they pay on statement at month end or on invoice.

We feel confident in the recourse we have with councils if they make a mistake. What recourse do we have with you?
Although councils have massive resources getting them to compensate you for mistakes is not easy. With us it is very simple. We carry £5m PI cover and each search has its own indemnity policy attached with run off cover. Since 1999 when we started in business we have never had a claim.

What recourse do we have if we are not happy with your service or product?
We are members of The Council of Property Search Organisations, CoPSO. The Association of Property Search Agents, IPSA. We subscribe to the search code which is regulated by the Property Codes Compliance Board. If you are not happy you don’t pay and stop using our service.

We believe that some lenders don’t accept personal searches, is this a problem?
A small number of lenders do not accept personal searches but this is not a problem. Just tell us if your client is using one of these lenders and we will provide a council produced search.

Well you have convinced me where do I sign?
That’s the beauty of dealing with Pali. There is nothing to sign. No contract or binding agreement. Simply place your orders as and when you feel like it. Welcome aboard.



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