Transatlantic teenagers visit Toxteth for regeneration scheme

Posted: 15/08/2012

Two charities have joined forces and created an exchange programme where teenagers from Los Angeles visit Toxteth to help regenerate the community and then teenagers from Toxteth will visit Los Angeles next year. The two charities that have made the transatlantic exchange programme possible are the Liverpool based charity called the Liverpool Habitat for Humanity housing charity and the second is based in Los Angeles called the Spirit of Youth.

The Liverpool Habitat for Humanity have teamed up with the Tiber Project which was created to find like minded teenagers who wanted to spend time with the American group pf teenagers to take park in voluntary work on a Toxteth building site as well as exploring each others cultures and cities. The group of teenagers from Los Angeles have spent two weeks in Liverpool and the group of Liverpool teenagers will travel to America next year to spend time in Los Angeles to take part in voluntary work in America.

The group of Toxteth and Los Angeles teenagers have been helping to transform a five acre site which was previously a primary school into a centre where business, performance, learning, events, arts, leisure and conferences can take place. The Tiber Project successfully secured a £100,000 funding to regenerate the Lodge Lane as part of Mary Pontas’ high street rescue scheme.

Los Angeles the Spirit of Youth group was set up after the 1992 LA riots to help disadvantaged young people to teach them global understanding as well as leadership and enhance learning skills. The teenagers from Los Angeles have also visited Liverpool’s famous landmarks including several art galleries, the two cathedrals, The School of Tropical Medicine and John Moores University. The Spirit of Youth also met Lord Mayor of Liverpool at the Town hall.

Whilst both sets of teenagers were working on the Tiber Project they picked up various construction and teamwork skills as well as gaining personal satisfaction to know they have contributed to the creation of a home for a family in the future.

On a less positive note, research has revealed that Liverpool is the 5th worse hotspot for fly tipping in England. Data from the GMB union exposed that there were 54,000 incidents of fly tipping in Liverpool over the past 2 years which is the equivalent of 74 incidents a day.

Liverpool City Council has stated that they are working hard to try and track the offenders because the figures are unacceptable but the city has recently topped the 'list of shame' due to the amount of rubbish dumping in the city.

The top of the fly tipping list was Sheffield with a massive 111,417 incidents over the past 2 years.

What are your thoughts on the transatlantic teenagers visiting Toxteth to help regenerate the area and do you think Liverpool City Council will reduce the amount of fly tipping incidents in the city?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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