Two Liverpool homes participate in energy efficient research

Posted: 11/06/2012

An experiment by Constructive Thinking has been set up to find out whether energy bills can be dramatically cut. The two homes that have been chosen by Riverside Housing are located in Kensington and will take part in the three year experiment.

The first house will be refurbished with new, high specification, eco friendly technology and the second will be fitted with conventional furnishings to discover the difference between energy costs and carbon emissions.

Some of the energy efficient fittings include solar slates, high performance triple glazed timber windows and air tight wall insulation which is hoped to save an average home around 60% on their energy bills.

Constructive Thinking has also predicted an 84% reduction in Carbon emissions and if the experiment is successful, it is thought that more of Riverside’s homes could be fitted with similar features including thousands across Merseyside.

The two houses that are taking part in the experiment have been vacant for 5 years and are currently divided into 6, one bedroom flats. However, the plan is the turn the two houses back into family homes with the £268,000 fund.

The two families that will be living in the properties will be taught how to interact with the houses features and will be assed on their green credentials. Mark Burnett who is the assistant property services director spoke to the Echo and said, ‘The eco-features alone will not reduce energy bills. People have to change the way they use their home. We will work with the families to educate them on how to best manage their property.’

The completion of the renovation work is due at the end of June 2012 and Constructive Thinking will also use the homes to provide local schools with a live learning experience.

Do you think the energy bill and carbon emission reduction targets will be met and more eco friendly renovations will take place across the country over the coming years?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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