New offshore wind farms and the effect of onshore wind turbines on house values

Posted: 23/07/2012

The Government has approved plans to build two new giant offshore wind farms which will generate enough electricity to power three quarters of a million homes in the UK.

The third project was denied permission because of the impact it would have on sea birds that are protected by environmental legislation. The proposed site was off the coast of Norfolk which is home to colonies of Sandwich terns that live at Blakeney Point and Scolt Head Island which are Special Protected Areas under EU laws.

The first of the approved wind farms will be built at Race Bank and the second will be at Dudgeon in the Greater Wash off the coat of Norfolk. The project will require £3 billion worth of investment according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change but will provide the UK with new jobs and clean energy.

Back on land, the Government has finally accepted that on shore wind farms do have an effect on house prices after downgrading the valuation of homes that are close to wind turbines.

The decision to de-value homes close to wind turbines was made by the Valuation Office Agency which moved those homes into a lower council tax bracket to compensate for the loss of value. Property experts have been highlighting the loss of value to homes caused by wind turbines for a while but were their statements were often dismissed by the wind farm industry.

The problems caused by an onshore wind turbine can vary from a constant noise from the blades turning to a flickering shadow when the sun is behind the turbine. A survey carried out by the Royal Institute of Charter Surveyors with Oxford Brookers University in 2007 revealed that house prices were affected within a one mile radius of a wind turbine.

On shore wind turbines have also been deemed to spoil the countryside. Have you been effected by a wind turbine that has been built close to your home?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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