Largest UK nuclear plant needs extra 276 million pounds to complete construction

Posted: 31/05/2012

The UK’s largest nuclear plant is located in Cumbria called Stellafield and is in the process of building a complex to handl Britian’s nuclear waste which has been named the Evaporator D.

The construction of the Evaportator D was originally set to cost £100 million and was suppoed to be completed two year ago in 2010. However, the construction is still under way and needs an extra £276 million to complete, bringing the total cost to £673 million funded by taxpayers.

This increase of over six times the original costs is because of the Stellafield Mox Plant which had £1.34billion wasted on it due to its closure in the aftermath of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima, Japan.

The Evaporator D is designed to reduce the amount of liquid nuclear waste by allowing the evaporation of water. The project is estimated for completion in 2016 which threatens the timetable for the Stellafield Thermal Oxide Reprocessing Plant which is set to close in 2018.

Stellafield will now apply for the extra £276 million from the Government and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority who is the legal owner of the site. The application for the extra funds is now going though for formal Government approval before the extra money can be funded.

What are your opinions on Nuclear power? Do you believe it is the only viable alternative to provide the UK with power for future generations?

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Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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