Unnecessary road signs to become a thing of the past

Posted: 04/01/2013

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary has wrote to local authorities around the country asking them to remove any unnecessary, old, confusing and pointless signs from their roads. Now, over 9,000 road traffic signs have been removed in response to Mr McLoughlin’s letter across England and ministers have praised Somerset where 200 signs have been removed from a 12 mile stretch of road and in Hampshire where 1,000 ‘confusing and ugly’ signs have also been taken down.

In October 2011, ministers lifted the requirement for certain road signs and the government are now planning to give councils more discretion when it comes to where they place new signs following a review where the Department of Transport highlighted which councils are leading the way when it comes to the removal of unattractive road signs.

There have been 8,000 ‘red repeater’ signs along with 4,000 poles taken down in London which are designed to reinforce the rule for no stopping or loading for example, double red lines. The reason why these types of signs have been targeted is because researches suggests that motorists already know what the red route markings mean and that the extra signs are not necessary.

The removal of signs will also reduce costs, not only for the signs themselves but for the replacement of those signs, maintenance and energy costs for those that are fitted with lights. This means that the impact on the environment will be minimised, especially in rural settings and won’t blight the landscape.

You can view the Governments guidance leaflet to encourage the removal of road signs HERE.

From experience, some motorists ignore signs for example, the road that the Pali office is located on it a one way street and is clearly signposted with two one way street signs at one end of the road and two no entry signs at the opposite end of the road however, I see at least two or three motorists drive up the road in the wrong direction. Are motorists desensitised by the amount of signs there are on the roads?

I also didn’t realise that we have so many road signs until I was driving towards some road works and I had my Norwegian friend in the car with me who was visiting for the weekend and she couldn’t believe how many road signs there were here. Then when I visited Norway, I fully understood why she was so shocked, the roads were so, well, uncluttered by signs!

Do you think there are too many road traffic signs in your area? Have you noticed your council taking unnecessary signs down?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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