Update on the Birkenhead housing project & Wirral Waters light column approved

Posted: 07/06/2012

The first phase of the £7 million housing development has been completed in North Birkenhead. The project is a partnership between Wirral Borough Council and Keepmoat Homes and will see around 400 new homes built.

The first stage has been completed where 62 new homes have been built. The new houses have two and three bedrooms and 42 of them are already for sale with 20 up for rent through Wirral Partnership Homes.

The first show home, which is located on the brand new St Joseph’s Place just off Laird Street, was opened yesterday by George Davies, Ann McLachlan and David Wroe.

Once the project is complete, it will revolutionize the neighbourhood of North Birkenhead, making the area attractive and popular for all generations.

The next phase of the development will be situated further up Laird Street, near the Miller and Carrington Street area which is set to be completed in the next few years.

In related news, a spiralling column of light for the Wirral Waters project in Birkenhead has been granted planning permission.

The column of light will shoot three miles up into the air and contains a mixture of steam and light which could be viable up to 100km away.  

The column of light will be responsive to the changes in weather, natural light as well as adjusting and bending with the wind direction. The column will be seen as a white line against clear blue skies and a dark line against cloudy skies.

The column of light is part of the commissioned art work project called the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ taking place throughout the regions of Britain. The column of light was meant to be revealed on New Years Eve as part of the Northwest’s Olympic involvement.

Permission was granted for the project under the condition that it must be removed before the 31st June 2013 and that the column has ‘no detrimental effect or disturbance of birds.’

The artwork will cost half a million pounds and the design is based on the principle of convection, when warm moist air is displaced by denser air around it.

Are you pleased about the latest housing development in North Birkenhead and what are your thoughts about the column of light artwork as part of the Wirral Waters Project?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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