WBC listed building refurbishment started without planning permission

Posted: 05/12/2012

Wirral Borough Council has spent a controversial £25,000 on an office refurbishment which was not granted any planning permission. The refurbished office is located inside the Wallasey Town Hall which is a Grade II listed building therefore, planning laws have been broken.

The office is home to Wirral Borough Council’s chief executive Graham Burgess and his new team of director’s dubbed the ‘super directors’. Now Wirral Borough Council admits that ‘due to an administrative error’ planning permission was not obtained before the refurbishment work was carried out on the Grade II listed building.

Wirral Borough Council has recently applied for Listed Building Consent for the ‘demolition of existing timber and brickwork walls,’ some of which have already been torn down without permission. English Heritage who advise on any changes made to historical buildings have stated on their website that ‘unauthorised work to a listed building is a criminal offence and individuals can be prosecuted.’ This fact was backed up by an English Heritage spokeswoman who said, ‘If an application for listed building consent is required the local council also needs to consult with English Heritage.’

The work to the town hall is part of a wider refurbishment of the historical building to accommodate more staff and the work that has been carried out without planning consent includes the removal of some non original partition walls and general decoration of the offices.

Do you think this £25,000 office refurbishment which Graham Burgess demanded is a waste of money in an every tightening budget which could have been spent better in the community and could this refurbishment have potentially damaged the Grade II listed building beyond resurrection?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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