West Kirby house the most energy efficient in Britain

Posted: 03/12/2015

To the outsider, it just appears as a normal detached house, but it has been personally designed to be as energy efficient as possible. The house, situated in West Kirby, was designed by Colin Usher and only costs £15 a year to run. Tailored to keep the bills as low as possible for him and his wife, the house produces staggeringly cheap bills for heating, lighting, cooking and hot water.

The design features of the house manage to keep the cost of running it to a minimum. The whole house is made from concrete to retain as much heat as possible. Hot water running from an air-to-water pump heats the floor. A ventilation system has been incorporated to extract all of the moist warm air out of the kitchen, bathrooms and utility room and then blows the fresh air into all the living areas. All of the windows are triple glazed and are surrounded by insulation. Even the rooms are designed to maintain optimum temperature, with the lower rooms built tall to allow warm air to rise to the rooms above.

Mr Usher has stated that the home was a “culmination of a life’s work” and that he supposed “you could say that it’s what I’ve been working on for my whole career”. He expressed his pride in the design and has always shown a keen interest in building energy efficient homes. With a total of a mere £15 a year on energy bills, could this be the most energy efficient home in Britain? 

Aislinn Devlin, Pali Ltd 


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