What could you do with your garage? (If you clear out the junk)

Posted: 03/06/2015

Is your garage still being used just to park your car? Well you are among the minority that still do!

According to a survey carried out by the RAC, 62% of motorists do not feel it necessary to hide their cars away every night and the new preferred way of using a garage is to store garden tools and junk.

However, plenty of garages are now being converted into additional rooms and there is no wonder as it can make good financial sense.

A representative on behalf of the Southern Homebuilding and Renovating Show said  'A garage is worth more converted into additional living space than as a garage, providing there is still enough room to park cars in the driveway,’

They continued, ‘A single - car garage costs between £12,500 to £25,000 to convert and a two-car garage conversion costs between £20,000 and £40,000. Both are more cost effective than an extension.’

The way in which we decide to use our garages reflect period in which we live. Due to the ever increasing property prices, extended families are living together under the same roof meaning it is becoming more and more popular to convert the garage into extra rooms.

Another way to optimise how you use your garage is to transform the space into an office, gym or party room which is becoming ever more common.

However, a garage conversion should not be attempted by the optimistic amateur as it is essential that you first ensure that the building is fully insulated and structurally sound.

When working on older properties, special problems can arise. When Dr Michael Darby, an entomologist, started work on his garage conversion he was worried that the building work would not match with his adjoining 17th-century home.

‘I wanted the job to look old from the outside and modern inside,’ he says. ‘So I took off the front of the garage and replaced it with stone to exactly match the house,’ he says. ‘Then I insulated the walls and put in the wiring, with under-floor heating beneath the oak floorboards.’

The five bedroom house, known as the Old Malt House, is being marketed with Strutt & Parker for £995,000.

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd 


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