What is the Supergrid?

Posted: 18/05/2012

The Supergrid is hoped to be the answer to the UK’s energy problems, but how?

The Supergrid is an idea that involves connecting countries energy sources together via a huge network of cables so electricity can be shared between the nations. An estimated 6 countries could be connected by large electricity cables, particularly sharing renewable energy sources including solar, wind and tidal power. The cables will be planted into the seabed, ideally including from Iceland so their supplies of geothermal energy from their volcano’s can be tapped into.

If the plans go ahead, it will be the longest interconnector in the world, around 800 miles long providing the UK with an estimated 750 megawatts of carbon free electricity. That is equal to the energy produced from a medium sized coal plant.

Other connections include Norway, who specialise in hydroelectricity and France who have solar power projects in place. Britain will provide large amounts of wind power to other countries, as long as the wind continues to blow.

The Supergrid would provide the UK with energy security as the dependency on energy imports is growing by the day now the North Sea oil and gas reserves are running dry. It is also hoped that the Supergrid could lower electricity prices but the idea is still only an idea at present.

Do you think the Supergrid is pure genius or completely ridicules? It could work so well if all went to plan, but is the scheme a little far fetched?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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