When hurricane Bertha hit Merseyside

Posted: 15/08/2014

Just as the UK thought they had a breakthrough with the ever changing weather, hurricane Bertha had to blow her leftovers all over the country bringing fierce winds and bucket loads of rain to the UK. Almost a months’ worth of rain had fallen in just a few hours leaving destruction in every direction which was a distinct reminder of the events that had unfolded during last winter.

This time round the stormy weather advanced to consume homes, cancel music festivals and even re-schedule sporting events. Winds trailing off the back of the hurricane had been recorded up to 70mph after moving across from the Caribbean. The tropical storm first struck Cornwall before making its way East and progressed Northwards carrying thunderstorms. Whilst the speeding winds continued to plough through the coastline, hurling sea water metres into the air, plummeting rain also coincided with almost 18.4mm falling in just one hour between 9 and 10am yesterday morning.

When the strange unexpected weather began, the Met Office had put numerous warnings in place in the event of an emergency and yet, as time passed these warnings gradually multiplied as the winds grew stronger and the downpour became even heavier. The storm resulted in 41 warnings which covered various areas across Britain.

Laura Young, a spokeswoman from the Met Office made people aware that the remnants of Hurricane Bertha had struck and successfully travelled through Britain as foretold. Unfortunately the centre of the storm will continue to linger on the edge of the North Coast meaning the tempestuous weather could pro long itself for up to a week.

The stormy weather didn’t just hit the Wirral Coastal areas, it also managed to flood home in both Norfolk and Kent whilst firefighters in the area of Humberside said that they had taken a “large volume” of calls relating to the flooding.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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