Wirral Council reducing speed limits to 20mph

Posted: 08/04/2019

Wirral Council have decided to reduce speed limits to 20mph on all residential roads over the next three years. There will be a total of around 6,000 new signs, with half expected to be going up within the next year set to cost £1.1million.

The plan is to reduce driving speeds around areas where a lot of children gather for instance, schools, as they a child is much more likely to survive if hit by a car at 20mph, rather than 30mph.

Thankfully, roads where traffic usually travels faster than 25mph on average will not be affected. According to Chancellor Dave Mitchell who spoke to the Liverpool Echo, ‘These speed limits have been asked for by a lot of people.’

As part of the scheme, the Wirral will be split into 132 ‘zones’ and the council will create 2100 ‘gateways’ with signs to tell drivers that they are entering a lower speed zone.

What are your opinions on Wirral council’s scheme to reduce the speed to 20mph in residential areas? Do you believe it will make a huge difference to road safety or do you foresee motorists ignoring the new speed limit?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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