Wirral Green Belt land development declined

Posted: 29/07/2014

During December 2013, planning permission had been submitted for the development of 10 houses on a 6 hectare site of Green Belt land on the Wirral. The proposed site of the development is Woodend Cottage Site, Bebington which is located next to Storeton Woods and this piece of land includeds 15 stables and two paddocks. 

The plans to develop this area of land was faced by fierce criticism by the neighbours of the surrounding area with many of those repeatedly writing letters of objection to the Council. One of these is blatant when taking into account the proposed site itself and the surrounding area, not to mention the views of many residents who will be affected if the development got the go ahead.

a second attempt at developing the land had been put forward courtesy of the developers in February 2014 and following on from the appeal, planning inspectors organised a hearing that had taken place on Wednesday, July 23rd at Wallasey Town Hall. It is said that a decision would be made from that hearing and that it was also open access for all the public.

It is believed that the following reasons are why the council had right to decline the development;

  • The site lies within a Green Belt vicinity which will go against the Wirral Unitary Development Plan
  • There would possibly be issues of highway safety
  • An insufficient measure of data was submitted which may have determined if there would have been any damage or loss of trees included in the site which is protected by a tree preservation order.

A neighbour in the surrounding area, who occupies a home in Mount Road, has expressed his fears that the development will have a major effect on the nearby woodland areas as well as being a traffic hazard. He then went on to say;
“If the development went ahead it would put a strain on the roads and increase the danger. It would be built right next to Storeton Woods and would ruin the popular beauty spot which is well used. The development will spoil the environment and add to the congestion in the area.”

Prior to the recent application, another had previously been considered in which the stables where anticipated to be converted into three properties. Do you think this piece of land should be developed?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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