Wirral roofer prosecuted and Wallasey residents fear the risk of floodwater

Posted: 11/06/2012

A Health and Safety Executive inspector was passing a house on Mainwaring Road in Wallasey on the 16th November 2011 when he saw two men dangerously working on a roof. The inspector directly ordered them to abandon the work and climb down from the roof.

The inspector realised there was no scaffolding erected around the house and the only way the two workers could get down was to decend a ladder which was leaning against the roofs guttering.

He also saw the labourer of the two workers holding a gas burner whilst standing on the roof and there was no barrier to block the busy footpath off below them, risking injury to the passers by from falling debris. The senior worker, Daniel Loftus directly disobeyed the job sheet from his employer, Roofcare Ltd to erect scaffolding, which was in the back of his van and to cordon off the area below.

Mr Loftus pleased guilty to breaching section 7(a) of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Wirral Magistrates Court in Birkenhead ordered him to pay £600 in prosecution costs and a £2,000 fine on the 31st May 2012.

In other news, residents on Kinross Road, Wallasey fear that their homes are under threat from floodwater because trees were cut down near their properties.

Network Rail have deemed the Leylandii plot of trees, planted on top of a steep embankment approximately 30 years ago ‘potentially hazardous’ therefore, want to fell the trackside trees.

However, the residents are fighting back to save the trees to preserve their privacy, keep noise disturbance to a minimum and to prevent their properties from flooding because the tree’s roots currently soak up the excess rainwater. The residents also state Network rail have failed to provide any proof of the hazards they claim the trees are causing.

The campaigners also have proof that the trees were planted and paid for by the residents of Kinross Road but Network Rail refuse to acknowledge the proof. The residents also claim to have witnessed an increased amount of time before surface water drains away from their gardens since the trees have been cut down. However, Network Rail state that the residents have never complained about the excess amounts of water flooding gardens due to the removal of the trees.

The felling process caused a tree to fall on the train track between Wallasey Village and New Brighton train station but has now been suspended until September until the bird nesting season is over.

No resolution has been established to tackle the problems both the residents of Kinross Road and Network Rail are experiencing, do you have any suggestions?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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