The Column, Wirrals Cultural Olympaid delayed due to a planning dispute

Posted: 28/06/2012

The Column is a piece of artwork created by Anthony McCall for the North West to celebrate the Olympic Games held in London.

The Column is a mixture of light and steam shooting three miles into the sky and expected to be visible from 100km away. It will respond to the changes in the weather including colour changes when the skies turn dark and cloudy compared with clear blue skies.

The Column is part of 12 commissioned, custom built art works branded the ‘Cultural Olympiad’ celebrating the London Olympics right around the country. The Column was originally set to be unveiled on New Year's Eve as the main attraction for the Northwest's Olympic Games contribution but a faced delay due to planning permission problems.

The structure which produces the Column is now set to be taken to its location at East Float, Birkenhead around the middle of August and testing will start around the 25th of August. Local residents will then witness the column growing and can observe it gradually reaching its full visibility and elevation over the subsequent weeks. However, the delay has meant that the Column will not be active when the main Olympic Games are happening but will be active for the Paralympics Games and London festival.

The reason why the Column’s launch was delayed was because of a planning dispute that Wirral Council's planning director, Kevin Adderley resolved by granting planning permission after a meeting with the planning authority on the 31st May. The conditions attached to the Column is that it must be removed at the latest date of the 31st July 2013 and it must not cause a disturbance to birds that has a detrimental effect on them.

If you would like to learn more about the Colum, please visit Pali’s previous blog HERE which also includes an update on the Birkenhead housing project.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Column when its unveiled but are disappointed that it will not be running for the main Olympic Games?

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