Worlds top 100 creative projects includes the Mersey Gateway

Posted: 03/07/2012

The Mersey Gateway is a £540 million bridge that spans 1km over the River Mersey between Runcorn and Widnes. The suspension design involves three towers that will reach 140m into the air. The bridge will boast six lanes and integrate various cycle paths and pedestrian links.

The Mersey Gateway is designed to reduce the congestion on the existing Silver Jubilee Bridge that currently takes 10 times the amount of traffic it was designed for. Once the Mersey Gateway is completed, it will cut journey times by 10 minutes during the busiest times and also cut carbon emissions by reducing the amount of stationary and slow moving traffic.

The Mersey Gateway will provide 4,640 permanent jobs and will also include a regeneration project for the surrounding areas of Halton, West Bank, Runcorn Old Town, Astmoor/Wigg Island Rocksavage and Halton Lea.

The Mersey Gateway has now been included in KPMG’s top 100 guide which compares the bridge to the £800 million Bosphorus Tunnel which links Asia and Europe via an underground tunnel. Even though the Mersey Gateway does not connect two continents and runs over water rather than under, the report identified the ‘equally impressive and desperately needed solution, improving mobility and economic growth throughout the Liverpool City region, North Cheshire and the North West of the UK.’

A total of seven projects from the United Kingdom made it onto the top list of the top 100 infrastructure projects in the world, meeting strict criteria on technical complexity, social impact and creativity.

Richard Threlfall from KPMG spoke to the Echo and said, ‘The UK still punches way above its geographical and economical weight with seven of the top 100 most important projects in the world.’

It is expected that surrounding businesses including Liverpool’s John Lennon airport will increase productivity thanks to the Mersey Gateway.

If you would like to read more about the design and benefits of the Mersey Gateway, please visit Pali’s previous blog below;

The Mersey Gateway Project

Do you think that the Mersey Gateway deserves its listing as a top 100 infrastructure project in the world?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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