Would you like to own an entire village for just 18m?

Posted: 05/06/2014

The charming Hamlet of Little Rollright village, located near the historic Rollright Stones in Oxfordshire has been put on the market for £18 million. It is complete with an old style manor house, a selection of cottages and to top it all off… over 500 acres of land.

This little gem is hidden away behind farming fields, woodland areas and also has a lake not too far away. It is burrowed between Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Norton. The estate is dominated by a very unique Grade 2 listed manor house and it was primarily designed and constructed as a farm house during the 17th century.

Having been built during the 17th century, this spectacular home was expectedly going to run into some repair stages but thankfully during the past few years the manor jouse has undergone some major modifications. It is equipped with a family room, three sides of which have windows and a set of French doors opening out onto a terrace that faces south. The home also has a large kitchen area, dining room, wine cellar, cinema, ten bedrooms, a playroom, a study and last but not least of all the surprises, a lift to provide easy access to the lower ground floor, ground floor and first floor of the property.

As well as the main assets explained above, the lucky buyer will also be the owner of a Grade 2 Listed rectory which has three bedrooms, five additional cottages numerous outbuildings and barns all situated in the 509 acre estate. The estate is made up of 332 acres of arable farming land, 82 acres of pastoral land and 62 acres of picturesque woodland which also includes a lake. The only building that is not included in this price is the village chapel which is solely owned by the church itself.

The previous owner of the estate was Lincoln College, part of Oxford University. It had been put up with a guide price of £18 million and it is only a few miles from the historic meeting point of “Four Shires Stone”  in Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. It is also the nearest village to the megalithic monuments of the Rollright Stones.

Cloaked in secrecies, these stones are said to be older than the famous landmark Stonehenge and are thought to possibly date back almost over 4,500 years. The formation is a Neolithic stone circle which is known as “The Kings Men” along with a monolith called “The Kings Stone” with an additional creation of upright stones labelled “The Whispering Knights”. The last named accumulation is said to guard a burial chamber which is recorded as being around 5,000 years old.

After owning the village for the past decade the British owner has decided to sell up, a director from Savills, Giles Lawton stated;
“It is a first for me, to be selling a village in the Cotswolds. It is a very special place and you would struggle to find something similar. The main home was a manor farmhouse and the owner has added a wing which was designed by Robert Adam. It is now a much more substantial home which has been beautifully done and really adds to the village. The old rectory is a very pretty place and then you have the cottages as well. It is very rare to have a village for sale and it would suit anyone who could afford it. It really is a wonderful place and we have already had a number of calls.”

Savills is a property organisation that has been put in charge of the sale of this fantastic estate.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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