Would you like to purchase a home with its own private beach?

Posted: 02/07/2014

Would you like to be the proud owner of a unique idyllic property equipped with its own beach and 30 acres of land? Well for £7.5 million you could own this Devonian period manor house which even has an infinity pool, hot tub and private little cove.

This house hold had hosted members of the royal family once upon a time and let’s faces it, who wouldn’t want a manor house located by the sea with its very own beach? During last century this seaside retreat played host to many members of the royal family on their various visits to Dartmouth to see the Fleet or Royal Navy College. Offers in excess of £7.5 million are thought to have been offered labelling it one of the most expensive properties within this area.

Never the less despite of all its added bonuses it is only a third of the price of a home situated in London. For example, a five bedroomed flat in Hyde Park sold for three times the asking price of this private retreat which boasts an enclosed 60ft indoor pool overlooking the sea. Ideal for when the weather isn’t particularly nice.

During the 18thcentury this beautiful Georgian manor house was owned by the Governor of Dartmouth and the private cove allowed him to sneakily smuggle worthy goods into the home, thus allowing him to boost his generous income.  It is rumoured that the rear end of the property possesses a secret tunnel forming a link between Redlap cove and the home itself however; this tunnel has never been found. The private cove can be accessed via a set of steps at the end of the garden.

The manor is located in the southern coastal area and is extremely sheltered; meaning that it very rarely suffers from frost and other weather extremities thus allowing bananas to be grown in the garden. There are numerous outbuildings which house activities such as a barbecue room, art studio and a home cinema. A car fanatic would be in heaven as the house also boasts six spacious garages. On the grounds of the property there is a principal house measuring around 8,400sq ft and as well as this there is also a pool complex measuring 7,000sq ft along with a guest house.

Director of Savills in Exeter, Martin Lamb said;
“In 30 years, this is the only house I have sold with its own private beach. It is like the South of France but in Devon”.

Savills estate agents described this property as being “one of the finest coastal properties in south Devon”. Mr lamb went on to say;
“It is a wonderful family home set back from the cliff in tropical gardens. There is very rarely any frost and in the garden you can actually grow bananas. It has always been the most expensive coastal home in Devon. The holiday cottage which is made from oak, has a stunning pool and overlooks the sea.”

Would this be your dream home or holiday retreat?

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd


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