Wrexham Council finishes Europes largest solar scheme on their social housing

Posted: 07/03/2012

Wrexham County Council now has one in three of their social housing fitted with solar panels. This ambitious scheme which was to be completed on time for the 3rd March, involved the Council fitting 30,000 Sharp solar panels from the local Sharp factory to 3,000 of their properties.

There is up to £300 expected to be saved on the energy bills of resident’s which will help the fuel poverty of the poorest inhabitants. The project is expected to reduce the Councils Carbon Emissions by 3,000 tonnes per year earning them a higher FiT rating, depending on the decision of the Supreme Court.

Jackie Downward, a local resident spoke to The Guardian with her views of the changes; ‘I've never taken an interest in green things before. Some people say they look ugly but most say they wouldn't mind them. In the end, it's money off your bills and jobs so it has to be worth it.’

Wrexham Council Chief Executive, Dr Helen Paterson spoke about the benefits to the environment, ‘This is a hugely significant project for the Council with an estimated value of £60 million. Such investment demonstrates our commitment to reduce carbon emissions and energy use, whilst also tackling fuel poverty.’

The Councils next project which is due to start later this year, is for six of their local schools and public buildings to be fitted with a further 90kWp of solar power.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd


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