Comments : Are you showering your money down the plughole?

Posted: 04/07/2013

Did you know that showering consumes an average of 25% of the water used in a home every single day! Yes, the amount of water used when showering on average is 3% more than the amount of water used when flushing the toilet! Showering guzzles a massive nine billion litres of water in the UK every day according to the Energy Savings Trust who commissioned the largest study of how Britons use water in their households.

Is this making you think about how many times you shower or how long you are in the shower for? The average amount of time a Briton spends in the shower is just under eight minutes but if you cut the time you spend in the shower by just one minute it could save £215 million on energy bills across the country every year! The statistics of people who live in larger households are slightly different because they take fewer showers each week but they spend longer in the shower. A mere 25% of people surveyed had energy efficient eco showers and another 25% of Britons had power showers which gulp water and waste energy.

Did you know that on average most Britons take a shower just over 4 times a week and a bath just over once a week? The excess amount of showering is causing an unnecessary inflation on energy bills because hot water contributes to an average of £228 on an annual combined energy bill!

Further studies showed that 22% of household water is used in the kitchen by appliances like kettles, dish washers, washing machines and taps. Believe it or not, you could use less water by washing your crockery in an energy efficient dishwasher rather than by hand! The average Briton washes dishes in the sink ten times a week but only uses a dishwasher three times a week! You could also save money and water if you washed your clothes in the washing machine at 30DC yet only a 25% of all households actually wash their clothes at this temperature.

Did you also know that 95% of people boil the kettle every day with a massive 40% of people do this over 5  times a day and a huge three quarters of people boil more water than they actually need which costs households £68 million every year!  

Are you reconsidering the amount of water you consume in the home every day?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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