Comments : Could Britain be in for an arctic blast?

Posted: 13/10/2015

Recent news articles have indicated that the UK could be in for an Indian summer, bringing clear skies, tones of sunshine and hopefully some long awaited summer warmth.

However despite the delightful news of potential warm weather, people in many areas of the country may experience their thermometers dropping below freezing point bringing frosts and bitter winds for what could be, the first definite taste of winter itself.

It is expected that this weather will engulf Britain during the next two weeks bringing a possible snowfall which will be the first seen this year. Blankets of icy air have already started drifting in from the east to add towards what could be a frosty disaster.

Higher parts of the country such as Scotland may see the outbreaks of snow arriving a lot earlier than others, maybe by the end of the month forecasters have said.

Forecaster for the Weather Channel UK, Leon Brown stated; “The main theme for next week is drier weather but also turning quite a bit colder from Sunday; jumpers, coats and a warm fire fits the bill."

The forecaster mentioned that temperatures across the country will grasp freezing point during the night and widespread coverlets of frost are highly likely, shadowed by clear skies above.

Leon said; “Where skies are clear at night and winds fall light, there will be some air frosts next week," he said. This is most likely over Scotland on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, but later in the week temperatures close to freezing in the south too by Friday morning."

James Madden, a forecaster for Exacta Weather, stated the first anticipated snowfall of the winter is likely to grace us with its presence nearing the end of the month.

He said; “As we head in the second half of the meteorological autumn and from as early as next week, we will begin to see more of a chillier theme developing as some strong easterly winds begin to exert an influence across the British Isles. This will allow for the first real taste of some wintry weather and during the final third of October we could see some snow across higher ground of the north and on well-elevated levels as far south as Wales or southern England."

In short-term, the current weather conditions that are being experienced are estimated to settle down after a heavy week of rain and gale force winds which brought floods to numerous parts of Britain.

Richard Chapman, who is a weather network spokesman stated that much of the UK should expect and prepare for a milder, more settled weekend although temperatures are highly likely to turn chilly next week.

Nicole Cran, Pali Ltd

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