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Posted: 29/04/2015

Name? Eve Blakemore

Which office are you based in? Head Office

What is your job role at Pali? Marketing Assistant

How long have you worked at Pali? 7 Months

What is the best thing about working for Pali? The Pali nights out and how everybody has a good laugh

What is your favourite film? Mr Deeds or The Notebook

Do you have any phobias? Cats!!!! And a mini phobia of aeroplanes

What is your favourite food? STEAK and chips

If you could live in any country, which one would you choose? Australia 100%

What would you say are your best qualities? I’m easy going and honest


What has been the best part of your life so far? Getting a free 2 week holiday in Mexico

Who is your idol/inspiration? Anybody who motivated to do what they want really  

Marmite – love or hate? Never tried it but … probs hate!


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