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Posted: 08/05/2012

The Green Deal is a Government scheme set up to make the country's housing more eco friendly and the latest scheme involves LED lighting and eco gadgets on offer to all home owners.

Starting in autumn, all households will have the opportunity to improve the energy efficiency as well as the look of their property with no upfront cost. The Green Deal’s new plan is to save homeowners money on energy bills by installing LED lighting which can change colour, creating different moods and even switch off automatically.

The Tory climate change Minster, Greg Baker states that 15 million homes in Britain are not property insulated and the Green Deal is not only available to help make a property more energy efficient, but can also improve the look of a home by changing the windows, doors and even the exterior walls using cladding.

Mr Baker guarantees ‘a whole range of exciting gadgets and technologies’ which will end the reliance on low energy light bulbs which, in most cases, only emit poor lighting. LED lighting will be offered to homes and businesses with large lighting bills and even tenants will benefit from the scheme as there will be no upfront charge to deter landlords from making the valuable changes.

The critics, including consumer groups and MPs, warn that the scheme has not been planned thoroughly and could leave families struggling to pay for the changes to their homes. A connected policy, which would force homeowners to take green measures when making improvements to their homes, has been branded ‘conservatory tax’ and sparked calls for the whole project to be called off. Some consumer group’s claim that the scheme will fail to fabricate the savings promised and instead, will force home owners into thousands of pounds worth of debt.

Would you be interested in the Green Deal’s new LED lighting that Mr Baker claims could be like having an ‘instant disco in the kitchen’, or would you be reluctant to accept the invitation due to the risk of debt.

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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