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Posted: 19/07/2011

Tesco Law, will it affect you and if so how?  Pali Lat

In October the Alternative Business Structure will come into force. Commonly dubbed “Tesco Law ” this is likely to change the face of the legal profession.

How will it affect solicitors and legal firms?

It is not likely to be the “Big Bang” feared by some but it will have an effect. What that effect will be is not clear yet but we do know what the aim of the change is and that is to increase competition and innovation. Most solicitors now have a website but finding them is the difficulty. With this in mind Pali Ltd (Property And Land Information) have created Pali Law.

This enables the public to ask a question online which is automatically directed to a solicitor specialising in that subject. There is no charge for the initial contact as the hope is to get a new client. Where Pali Law differs from other such websites is in being location and topic specific.
The site automatically filters the enquiry by topic and location so that the questioner is contacting a solicitor specialising in the subject and as close as possible to the postcode of the questioner.

Pali has been providing a service to solicitors since 1999. It has a central ordering and case management system which also provides conveyancing leads to its clients. All of this is free of charge and it is hoped that Pali Law will put the company and its clients in a position to react to any opportunities which arise through “Tesco Law”.

For further information please visit,
or telephone 0151 201 2712

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