30ft Sinkhole opens up in Eccles

Police are looking into a deep hole which opened up in Eccles, around 5pm on Monday afternoon. It is said to be 6-9m deep going beyond the road and pavement, around 1.2×1.2m in size.

(Image GMP Traffic)

With fears that the pavement could open up further, Trafford Road remains closed in both directions.

A GMP spokesman said “We were made aware that a large hole had appeared on Trafford Road in Eccles at around 5pm.”

“We are liaising with the council and highways on the matter. The road remains closed.”

“Diversions in place and council on scene.”

Sinkholes are formed when the land surface is changed, causing the material to collapse and sink. It happens when acidic water dissolves the rock underneath the ground eliminating a stable platform.

This image locates the hotspots for sinkholes over Wales and the North West.

To look at sinkhole hotspots all over the UK click here.

If you want to know if your property or land is susceptible to sinkholes you can order a Terrafirma search from Pali by calling 0800 023 5030 or contacting us here.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd




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Land Registry rolls out new digital LLC Register

At last. After several years in gestation the much vaunted rollout of the Land Charges registers for local councils begins with Warwick going online.

Nicole of Pali (Property And Land Information) placed the first order for an LLC1 through the Land Registry Portal.

When asked what she thought of the process Nicole commented, “It was pretty simple really although it was a little disconcerting when the system showed results which were not related to the property I was searching against as well as those which were. As an experienced search company employee, I was able to separate what was and was not relevant but it would certainly prove confusing for less experienced users.”

Nick Small, Technical Director at Pali, added, “This is an important step in bringing council Land Charges records in to the twenty first century although it will be a few years before all councils are digitised. This was supposed to happen ten years ago with the NLIS portal but was never successful and fully adopted by less than half of councils.

For conveyancers used to buying searches direct from councils this is just adding another step to the process although buyers using private search companies such as Pali will not be affected. They will still have a “one stop shop”.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd


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Pali’s Nicole Cran to take part in sponsored Skydive

Pali’s very own Nicole Cran, a Drainage & Water Search Agent here at Head Office will be taking part in a charity skydive to raise money on behalf of Leukaemia Care.

Nicole recently took part in the Wirral Coastal Walk on her horse, Polly, to help raise money for a charity called Leukaemia Care. After completing this, Nicole decided she wanted to do even more to help raise money for the charity as well as raising awareness of the rare disease, Amyloidosis, in loving memory of her Great Aunty Mal, by braving a sponsored skydive!

Nicole on her horse Polly during the Wirral Coastal Walk.

‘Leukaemia Care’ are a blood cancer charity that provides people who have been affected by blood cancer with all the support, advice and information they can offer, as well caring for the families affected. Set up by a group of parents with children suffering from the disease, Leukaemia Care registered with the Charity Commission in 1969. It is now a national charity that has a team of employees, volunteers and trustees. Now fifty years on the charity provides help for people of any age who have been affected, from diagnosis, through treatment to after care.

The 10,000 ft skydive will take place on September 9th 2018 and Pali are proud to be supporting Nicole who aims to raise as much as she can for the charity as well as create a memory in honour of her lovely Aunty Mal.

If you would like to read more about the fundraiser you can click here to view the event’s Facebook page.

Anyone who wishes to read more about Nicole’s story and would like to donate is more than welcome to by clicking here to view the Just Giving page.

Every contribution is greatly appreciated by everybody involved.

We wish Nicole the best of luck on the day and we can’t wait to hear all about it.

Do your bit, get involved! #TeamLC #RememberingMal #RainbowDiver

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New Law Society Changes to CON29M Reports and Guidance, covered by free Coffee Break webinar series

The Law Society is making some important new changes with respect to land purchases and development in coal mining areas. Mining report specialist, Terrafirma, is launching a three-part coffee-break webinar series to ensure that you have all of the relevant information at your fingertips. Led by Terrafirma CEO, Tom Backhouse and just 10 minutes in length these webinars will cover exactly what the changes are, how they impact you and what the benefits are to you and your clients.

Please register your interest and attendance for each webinar via the following links. A download of the webinar will be made available to pre-registered attendees following each event.

  1. Changes to the Law Society CON29M Guidance – How they impact you
    Wednesday 4th July 2018 at 
    11am (BST)
  2. The Law Society enables a new CON29M report – an overview
    Tuesday 10 July at 11am(BST)
  3. Benefits of the new CON29M Report
    Thursday 12 July at
     11am (BST)

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please note you can also include this webinar attendance in your Annual Compliance Declaration to the SRA.

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Family forced to turn their home into a shed after losing appeal!

Peter Brown owner of a three-bedroom bungalow near Blairgowrie in Perth and Kinross is being made to return his family home back to its original plan as a shed.

Photograph courtesy of TheCourier.co.uk

The previous owner of the property George Burke built the bungalow however was given permission to only build a garden shed, residential use was not granted. Mr Burke decided to ignore these regulations and built a three-bedroom bungalow, despite the council objecting against this change of use.

Mr Brown later bought the house and began using it as a family home, until the local council enforced the order that the family must vacate the house within 180 days.

Mr Brown appealed the enforcement set by Perth and Kinross council which stated he must vacate the property, however the Scottish ministers agreed with the local council’s enforcement and the Scottish Government Environmental Appeals Division said the family home must be returned back to a shed as originally granted.

Stephen Hall who deals with appeals for the government stated, ‘I appreciate the possibility that the appellant may have bought and occupied the property without knowing that the residential use was unauthorised.’

‘This possible circumstance does add to the importance of allowing a reasonable time period for compliance with the enforcement notice.’

‘However, I consider that a period of 180 days is adequate to identify alternative accommodation in the Blairgowrie area and agree its purchase or lease.’

Although Mr Hall takes into consideration that Mr Brown may have been unaware of the rejected planning requests made by Mr Burke, he still agrees the enforcement should be made with the given time period in order for the Brown’s to find accommodation to use as a home.

Since the enforcement was issued Mr Brown has applied for planning permission to change the property to an office for business use only and that the house would only serve as a residential property temporarily. Mr Brown then tried to argue that whilst this application was under review there should be no action placed as it could have a negative effect for the new application and how that goes against his rights for a fair hearing, under Human Rights legislation.

Mr Hall didn’t agree with Mr Browns argument and said residents and councillors are against the change of use of the house.

Tom McEwan a SNP Councillor added to such opinions and stated that offices would be ‘impossible to monitor’ and that he felt this was a way for Mr Brown to overcome the planning regulation rules put in place and that the property would still be used for residential use.

The 180 days given to vacate the house was given from the initial rejection date.

If you are purchasing a property and have any concerns, you can contact Pali for advice on 0800 023 5030 / search@paliltd.com.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd


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Invitation to Conveyancing Webinar on Commercial Reports

Pali, in conjunction with Groundsure, would like to invite you to join our free Webinar – “Which Commercial Report to order and when?”

When: Tuesday 7th August
Time: 11:00am
Duration: Approx. 1 hour

CPD: 1 CPD Point

Topics covered:
Understanding which commercial environmental reports to order for different scenarios. Insight to how Groundsure produce their commercial Environmental reports and how they provide the correct report suited to each transaction.

To register for this free webinar please CLICK HERE

You will need sound for this webinar. No earphones or speakers? No problem – Contact Jo Milne on jo@paliltd.com to receive pair of earphones.

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First ever digital mortgage deed accepted by the Land Registry!

Recently the use of new digital mortgages has commenced after the land registry accepted the first electronically signed mortgage deed.

The online authentication was carried out as part of a trial by Coventry Building Society.

The Land Registry is hoping that the process of signing mortgage deeds will not only be quicker but also more secure for homeowners, conveyancers and lenders as the need for deeds to be physically signed and witnessed will be replaced.

Chief land registrar, Graham Farrant, explained that: “By working with partners in the industry, we have secured a simpler and faster service for the benefit of homeowners.

“We are looking forward to rolling this out nationally and will be working with more conveyancers and lenders to do so.”

Why are these changes taking place?

The introduction of the new electronic mortgage deed is only a fragment of the Land Registry’s plans to renovate the conveyancing market by involving more online services. Its expectations are to be able to include technology, so it can then create transactions instantly for wherever you are.

Initially, the service is getting tested on people who are remortgaging their properties. However, if the trial is successful the service will also be offered to people purchasing properties.

Who will the changes affect?

It is great news for those who are living in England and Wales and are looking to remortgage.

Gone are the days of searching for someone to witness you sign your papers and then risk losing them in the post as you return them to the Land Registry and this is all thanks to the use of new technology.

People are now able to electronically sign their mortgage deed at their leisure as they can verify their identity by accessing the Governments secure Verify platform.

Although this service is only accessible to those who are remortgaging via Coventry Building Society, it is the aim of the Land Registry to make this service available to customers who are remortgaging through other lenders nationwide in the near future.

What is the background?

Essentially the move is a part of the land registry’s transformation plan, it is aiming to become one of the world’s top land registry for simplicity, speed and an unrestricted approach to its data.

The Land Registry receives almost 20,000 requests to alter the land register every day, and in 2016 to 2017 approximately 650,000 requests were received by post.

By 2020 the Land Registry is hoping that 95% of these transactions will be digitised and automated.

Another target is to register all the land and property in Wales and England and to publish a large amount of the data the Land Registry holds to enable people who are interested in the property market to use the data.

The Land Registry protects ownership of property and land across Wales and England which is collectively worth an estimated £4tn, with approximately £1tn of this being mortgaged.

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd


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Invitation for webinar on Agricultural Risks in Property Transaction

Pali, in conjunction with Groundsure, would like to invite you to join our free Webinar on Agricultural Risks in Property Transactions.

When: Tuesday 5th June 2018
Time: 11:00
Duration: Approx 1 hour

CPD: 1 CPD Point

Topics covered:

Potential contamination arising from agricultural activities/land-use including 2 case studies and detail on the Groundsure Agricultural report.

To register for this webinar please CLICK HERE

Please note you will need sound for this webinar.

Don’t have speakers or earphones?
Contact Jo Milne on jo@paliltd.com  to receive a FREE pair of earphones.

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Pali Backed Charity Event Surpasses Target

The recent fundraising event Pali proudly supported which Steven, husband of Jo Milne Marketing Director at Pali, participated in was a huge success. On Saturday 21st April Steven took part in the Dirty Reiver Cycling Challenge which involved cycling 130km in one day on difficult ‘Gravel Grinder’ format found predominantly in the mid-west of America.

Steven completed the arduous cycling event in nine hours and was very happy with his time and achievement. Steven took part in this huge challenge to raise much needed funds for The Belvidere Centre, a small Special Needs Charity based on the Wirral.

The Belvidere Centre operates a holiday club for children of all abilities aged fourteen and under, amongst other services. They rely solely on fundraising, donations and other independent income to stay open. Steven was hoping to raise £2000 which would mean the summer holiday club could stay open for this year however due to the sheer generosity of friends, family, service partners and supporters the target has been beaten and continues to rise. The Belvidere Centre has a long list of building repairs and facilities they would like to provide for the children so the fact the initial target has been surpassed is tremendous and people are still being encouraged to donate. Every bit of money raised makes a huge difference and lots of families who have children with additional needs depend on the services the centre provides.

Pali would like to say a massive ‘well done’ to Steven and thank everybody who has donated to the fundraiser so far, with a special thanks to the businesses who have gone out of their way to support the cause.

The following companies have generously donated to the fundraiser:

Copeland Security Group, a highly accredited, multi divisional service provider that supports a range of clients throughout the UK with Quality Driven Security Solutions.
Clear Education Ltd, a Recruitment Agency that supplies schools in the North West of England with specialist, quality support staff.
Groundsure, a leading Environmental Company who provide critical location intelligence to support property and land use decisions.

BBH Legal Services, an established legal services provider kindly organised a charity event at their offices which included a dress-down day for staff and raffle prizes, managed to raise an amazing £168.30.
Amy’s Cake Design, a Wirral based cake company that specialises in weddings, cupcakes and bespoke cake design ran a Social Media Competition which proved very popular raising an impressive £155.00

Steven would like to personally thank Doctor Sprockets, a Cycle Workshop that specialises in professional bike fitting, servicing and repairs for their expertise, technical advice and support as Steven wouldn’t have been able to take on the cycling challenge without their help

If you would like to donate to the cause please visit the following: Just Giving Page





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Remediation Work Finally Underway At Controversial Contaminated Site in Lancashire

Image taken from Lancashire Telegraph.

Recently, work has begun on a controversial waste-polluted site on the border of Blackburn.

At least 160,000 tonnes of primarily illegally dumped rubbish has been spoiling the land at Lower Whitehalgh Farm in Feniscowles.

The new owners, Black Pearl Homes, who purchased the land back in November last year are planning developments on the site. The land was formerly considered for the development of a holiday village and a golf course, or housing.

It has been announced that remediation process has begun on the 112-acre site which has been commended by senior councillors and Blackburn MP Kate Hollern.

Black Pearl Homes have ditched a much-delayed arrangement for the construction of a holiday village consisting of 94 log cabins. The £13 million scheme was proposed by the previous owners of the land Castleland Ltd.

Councillor Phil Riley, regeneration boss of Blackburn with Darwen Borough and Blackburn MP Kate Hollern are thrilled with the progress being made clearing the site.

Kate Hollern said: “I was absolutely delighted to visit the site and meet with those carrying out these remediation works. “Local residents have endured this blight for far too long.”

Livesey with Pleasington Tory councillor Derek Hardman previously claimed that allowing the Black pearl to construct residential properties would be a “betrayal” by the council as they made promises to the local community homes would not be built on the land.

Councillor Derek Harman announced:” I am pleased remediation has finally started but building homes would be betrayal of the local people.” “The council has always promised this land would not be used for housing.”

For over two decades the site between the M65 and Brokenstone Road has been used for waste dumping. Back in 2000 a skip company were illegally dumping thousands of tonnes of rubbish on the site. This came after the farm’s owners had also piled up mounds of debris on the land.

The Director of the skip company and the owners of the farm received a fine for environmental offences and were also ordered to clear the waste however they never did.

David Frohnsdorff, the manager of site development at Black Pearl Homes said: “remediation work has started”

“There is at least 160,000 tonnes of waste which will be treated and kept mainly on the site in sealed and secure surroundings.”

“It will take about 18 months to complete. We do not feel the leisure Village plan is viable and propose a residential development.”

“We would be looking at a minimum of the 100 properties in the previous planning application about 30 acres of the site”

Councillor Phil Riley added: “We are absolutely delighted remediation work has started. It’s an enormous task.”

“It is clear that Pleasington Lakes leisure village scheme was never viable. There is a considerable cost involved and the developer will have to recover that.

“What is eventually developed on this land will be a matter for the planning process.”

Conservative regeneration spokesman, Councillor Derek Harman announced:” I am pleased remediation has finally started but building homes would be betrayal of the local people.” “The council has always promised this land would not be used for housing.”

Olivia Rowlands, Pali Ltd



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