Pali’s own search technician shares interesting story on how she bought her house

One of our search technicians Dawn and her husband David were speaking to friends one day about property and one of their friends mentioned how their next-door neighbour’s house could be theirs in 18 months, explaining that if a person gave their house keys to someone else and didn’t return for 12 years then they could legally claim the property as theirs. Almost 12 years ago this did happen.

The friends next-door neighbour who owned the property moved into a nursing home. The owner’s son, who also lived with her in the property, was told by the council that the house would have to be sold to pay for the care she was receiving at the home. The son gave the house keys to the neighbours and he moved away.

A few months later David and Dawn were looking for their own house together and decided they wanted to try and find the owner of the house and tell him about the adverse possession rights and ask him if they could buy the property off him. They tried to find where the man was now, but other friends couldn’t locate him. Dawn then went to the council and checked his name on the electoral roll where they luckily found him since he registered 12 months ago. The son was now living in West Kirby on the Wirral, so Dawn and David went to his home to tell him what was going on with the property and how he could soon lose out.

He went on to explain that the solicitors had lost his mothers will when moving offices and he decided to leave it there. We told him to go back to the solicitors and ask for the will and go to probate, but he said he couldn’t afford to so David and Dawn paid for both the probate and a valuation of the property.

The neighbour who kept hold of the keys found out what they were up to and approached the man in West Kirby offering him £1000 more for the property than what Dawn was offering. The son declined this offer, he said because if it wasn’t for David and Dawn telling him anything, he was prepared to keep the property.

David and Dawn then agreed a price and bought the property off the son for a smaller price than its worth as it needed a great deal doing to it. The man happily accepted the price as he said if it wasn’t for David and Dawn he wouldn’t have even had that.

Dawn said “Morecrofts Solicitors were the ones that informed David and I about adverse possession and they were excellent throughout the entire process”.

To find out more about adverse possession also known as squatter rights CLICK HERE

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd




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Pali’s Christmas Shoe Box Appeal

After last year’s success, Pali is supporting the Charles Thompson Mission Christmas Appeal again. With the weather getting considerably colder and Christmas is fast approaching, times are especially hard for people without a home.

The Charles Thompson Mission have a keen passion to provide year round help and donations to people living on the streets and families struggling to get by, giving them hygiene products, food and other necessary equipment to make their life a little easier.

The Mission ask for donations of essential items such as deodorant, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, razors, hair brushes etc. As well as rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags and toys. More items and information about the appeal can be found HERE.

The Mission aims to provide homeless people with as many essential items which most people always have access to. They also aim to help families struggling to give their children a good Christmas. Any donations of new toys for all ages can take the stress away for parents struggling at this time of year.

At a time of giving please consider people without a home this Christmas, without heating, a bed and even food.

Photo by Peter Mason

If you would like to support the Christmas Appeal, items can be donated to:

Charles Thompson’s Mission,
Hemingford Street,
Birkenhead CH41 4AP

or to Pali HQ –

2-4 Croxteth Avenue
CH44 5UL

Every donation is hugely appreciated by us and even more so by the recipients. Even if it isn’t much to you it could make a big difference to somebody else. Do something great this Christmas and get involved any way you can.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd

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Pali Help Raise Funds For Christmas Charity Event

For the past seventeen years Steph Lyke from BBH Legal and a group of her friends organise a charity Christmas party at Connah’s Quay Navy Club.

There is something for everybody with an auction, raffle, a band and a disco. There are only 250 tickets for the event which are all sold every year.

The proceeds from the raffle and tickets are donated to local charities. Over the past seventeen years Steph and her friends have raised in excess of £54,000. Beneficiaries in the past include:

  • Hope House Hospice
  • Nightingale House Hospice
  • Backford House Hospice
  • Shooting Star Unit Wrexham Maelor Hospital
  • Clatterbridge Cancer Charity
  • MacMillan Cancer Support
  • MNDA
  • Awyr Las
  • MIND Clwyd

This years event will be raising money for North Wales Air Ambulance (Registered Charity Number 10833645) and Deeside Hospital Palliative Care Centre. These charities are in desperate need of funds as they play a vital role in helping the community.

Pali are delighted to support the charity night again and we have no doubt this years fundraiser is going to be another huge success.

If you would like to donate to the cause, purchase a ticket to the event or provide raffle prizes, please contact Pali and we will happily arrange this.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd



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Halloween Competition – Winners Announced

A massive thank you to everyone who joined in the fun with our recent Halloween Competition!

As promised, the names were drawn at random on Friday 26th October and our three winners were announced!

Congratulations to:

* Mandy Smith from Butcher & Barlow Solictors
* Diane Mullen from Guy Williams Layton Solicitors
* Tiffany-May Priam from Bartletts Solicitors

Your Halloween Fortnum & Mason hampers have been ordered and will be with you in time for Halloween!

We hope you all enjoy your prizes and have a spooktastic Halloween!

The Pali Team

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Halloween competition!

It’s Competition Time!
With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for this year’s creepy competition . . .

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of THREE Fortnum and Mason Halloween Hampers, here’s what you need to do:

Simply enter the code FANGTASTIC SEARCHES in the ‘Additional information and comments box’ when placing orders online and that’s it!

Your name will then be entered into our prize draw and three lucky winners will be drawn at random on Friday 26th October.

The three winners will each receive a Spooky Hamper full of treats, no tricks.

The more codes entered, the greater the chance of winning!

Terms & Conditions

  • You must enter the code “Fangtastic Searches” at least once in the ‘Additional information and comments box’ featured on the order confirmation page
  • You have until midday on Friday 26th October to enter the code
  • Only applicable to orders placed online at
  • The more orders made using the code, the greater the chance of winning
  • The prize will be sent to the user who placed the order
  • Receiving the prize in time for Halloween is subject to delivery
  • Don’t have logins? Email to be set up

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!

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Councillor at dispute after building gazebo without planning permission

Dolores Lewis, who is a politician in Greater Manchester, has built the gazebo 3m high and just 2m away from the boundary separating her and her neighbour Paul Kinder.

Mr Kinder claims the pitched roof of the gazebo causes it to create shade over his garden. He asked Mrs Lewis to take down the gazebo but said he was ‘ignored’. Mrs Lewis needed planning permission to build this so close to her neighbours’ boundary so she attended a meeting to gain retrospective permission. The neighbours no longer speak because of the issue.

Image: Daily Mail

Martyn Leigh a development officer said that the committee wouldn’t normally be asked to investigate household applications but with issues involving a councillor they have to.

Mr Leigh said ‘The main issues that have to be considered relate to the impact on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.’

Mr Kinder said he wasn’t ‘Attending to oppose anything, or stop anybody having anything.’

‘I am just here to ask you to consider what I consider the law to be.’

He even raised the issue with Mrs Lewis’ partner regarding the roof and how it would cast shade on his garden. He said ‘There has been no interest in what I have said. It’s just been no compromise or trying to see it from our view.

It’s just it’s there and it’s staying there, until my approaches to them led to them not speaking to us.

It just dominates the scenery.’

Image: Daily Mail

However, Mrs Lewis said ‘The company I purchased it from were adamant I didn’t need planning permission for it, otherwise I would have applied for it at that point.’

I did become a local councillor in May of this year, and a few weeks after… the council phoned and said that my neighbour was objecting.’

Stalybridge South Councillor Doreen Dickinson said: ‘What the objector’s saying is if you moved it away from that corner, everyone would be happy.’

I’m just asking why you can’t move it. Why did it have to be stuck in the corner?’

Mrs Lewis explained the gazebo was built for their grandchildren as a playing area and that it was placed there to create more space in the garden. A grant for retrospective planning permission was voted for by some councillors.

If you are purchasing a property and have any concerns, you can contact Pali for advice on 0800 023 5030 /

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd

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Support our Palian’s trip to Ghana

Next May, our newest Palian Mel is heading to Ghana in West Africa, where she will be volunteering in a children’s day care centre. Here is Mel’s message to help raise donations for her trip.

“When I am in Ghana I will be helping out amongst the centre’s local staff. As they always have their hands full with increasing number of children that attend the centre, volunteers are greatly appreciated as they take some responsibility and stress off the staff who work there full time.

The children need constant care and attention as well being taught new skills or languages. The care centre has limited resources and limited staff with averages of forty children in each class. I hope by volunteering I can make a difference in the children’s daily life whilst I am there, by playing with them and sharing one-to-one time which most children lack outside of the centre.

I will be staying in a small fishing village called Busua for two weeks. Many children are deprived of things a lot of children take for granted. Some children are deprived of education, freedom and are raised to help their family out with their business, such as working long days on a fishing boat or selling food on the beach. The care centre allows these children to make friends, play, learn and most importantly have a childhood. Learning allows the children to build on their confidence as they speak with visitors and volunteers from all over the world.

I will be taking supplies to donate to the centre on behalf of Pali Ltd and I am also hoping to raise as much money as possible to fund this trip and donate to the centre. The money I raise will allow the centre to order more supplies such as stationary, toys, musical equipment, books and learning resources. As well as increase their staff numbers to allow more children to attend, this will help get children off the street and enter the doorway into education.

A little donation from you could make a HUGE difference to a lot of young children and supplies will be used for generations of future children who will attend.

I will be there seeing how much your donation will make a difference, seeing the centre myself enables me to see how the donations are being put to good use exactly where it’s needed, rather than just sending money to a charity and not seeing the difference. Doing something meaningful with my travels is going to be eye opening yet rewarding. By donating whatever you can, anything helps these children who have so much love, energy and talent to share.

All donations, no matter how small, are welcome on my JustGiving page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please feel free to share this blog or my donation page on Social media as ANYTHING helps.”

Pali is proud to support such a worthy cause and we wish Mel the best of luck.


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Invitation to Conveyancing Webinar on Residential Reports:

Pali, in conjunction with Groundsure, would like to invite you to join our free Webinar – ‘Which Residential report for which scenario?’

When: Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Time: 11:00
Duration: Approx 1 hour

CPD: 1 CPD Point

Topics covered:

The importance of understanding how to purchase the right report at the right time.

To join this webinar please CLICK HERE

Don’t have speakers or earphones?
Contact Jo Milne on  to receive a FREE pair of earphones.

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Woman charged for parking on her own driveway!

A homeowner has been issued with parking charges  after receiving a letter from Sefton Council saying she cannot park on her own driveway. The letter explains that because the property does not have a dipped kerb, vehicle access to the drive is considered to go against the Highways Act.

The letter states that in order to park on their drives residents must ‘construct a crossing’. If the homeowner doesn’t comply to this, the council state they would construct the crossing work and the homeowner would be made to recover the cost. Online, the job is quoted to cost around £1,000.

(Image: LiverpoolEcho/ WS)

A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “The continuous driving over pavements can lead to the damage of a footway creating uneven surfaces which can also lead to trip hazards.

In this instance the footway outside the property has not been dropped and we have written to the home owner informing them of this while asking them to take necessary corrective action”.

Despite moving in to the property twelve years ago, the homeowner Helen Maloney was unaware she could not park on the drive. She explains, other people who live on the street have also received the same letter. The residents who didn’t receive the letter already have dipped kerbs.

Melissa Hogan, Pali Ltd

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Updates to The Law Society Conveyancing Handbook and guidance on Mining and Natural Ground Perils covered in ‘Free’ Coffee Break Webinar Series

The Law Society is making some important new changes with respect to Mining and Natural Ground Perils which will be covered in the soon to be released 25th Edition of its Conveyancing Handbook. Mining and ground report specialist, Terrafirma, is launching a three-part coffee-break webinar series to get you up to date with these new changes.

Starting on Tuesday 11 September and led by Terrafirma CEO, Tom Backhouse, they will  be no more than 15 minutes in length and are designed to give you all of the necessary information including what the changes are, how they impact you and what the benefits are to you and your clients.

Please register your interest and attendance for each webinar via the following links. A download of the webinar will be made available to pre-registered attendees following each event.

  1. Important Changes to The Law Society Conveyancing Law Handbook –

Tuesday 11 September 2018 at 11 am BST

  1. Introducing the Ground Report

Thursday 13 September 2018 at 11 am BST

  1. The Ground Report, a Step-by-Step Overview

Tuesday 18 September 2018 at 11 am BST

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Please note you can also include this webinar attendance in your Annual Compliance Declaration to the SRA.

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