Pali Teesside supports Bishopton playground fundraiser!

Bishopton is a small village located near Darlington, Stockton-on-Tees and Sedgefield. The population is small and is surrounded in a rural area. Bishopton faces problems like being left isolated as public transport can be restricted. The village is built around narrow and fast-moving traffic. This means it’s an unsafe area for children to play and run freely. The challenge for the community is to raise funds to purchase and install play equipment.

The targeted total investment is in the region of £100,000 which will provide age-appropriate ranges of climbing frames, variations on traditional swings, slides, see-saws and roundabouts, and sporting infrastructure such as goalposts and basketball hoops, all on safe surfaces.

Although ‘neighbouring’ villages (e.g. Carlton, 3 miles; Sadberge, 5 miles) have playgrounds, for children to attempt to reach them independently by bicycle or foot would be dangerous if not foolhardy. The connecting roads have no footpaths, are narrow and carry fast moving traffic. 

Pail’s Teeside are happy to sponsor the small village of Bishopton in their fundraising quiz night to achieve the goal of raising the funds to build a playground, for a more childlike, safer and suitable community. 

At Bishopton Village Hall, Friday the 29th of November, there will be a fund-raising quiz night which starts at 7:30pm. Pie and pea supper will be provided, Tickets are only £8!

Not only will the park benefit children, it will also benefit the community and will be a safe area where families can visit. This will enable the community to have strolls along the park, interact with friends and experience annual fairs that businesses in the surrounding area can host. The park will allow the community to come together and is beneficial for everyone!


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Pali’s Nicole Cran to take part in London Marathon

On the 26th of April 2020 Pali’s own Nicole Cran, a Drainage and Water search agent, will be running in the London Marathon.

Nicole will be running to support one of her family members charity, Happy Faces. Run by Ray Herbert, the charity helps support sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in the North Wales area.

Nicole has worked for Pali for 6 years and is an extremely hard worker and a fantastic team player. 

The London Marathon is one of the largest global sporting events in the world, supporting charities from all around. The Marathon started out when former Olympic champion Chris Brasher and John Disley had an idea, to see if a Marathon in London would be possible after being inspired by the 1979 New York Marathon. 

The London Marathon took place in 1981. Over the years the race has grown in both participation and profile, over 80,000 apply to run the marathon currently. 

At Pali, we are proud to support Nicole in her run. Nicole needs 1.5k to suffice her place. The Marathon will consist of a 26-mile run and It will be challenging. Nicole will compete against international competition and a race against time. We believe she will smash it! 

Nicole has taken up martial arts and running twice a week at 5am to help with her training to start with, Nicole also horse rides in her spare time.

If you would like to support Nicole for a great cause and an amazing future achievement please follow the link below:

Support Links for Happy Faces Charity:

Gina Davies
Pali Ltd 


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Pali supports Christmas homeless appeal

With Christmas fast approaching and the weather not getting any warmer, this cold time of year can be especially hard for those without a home.

Pali is happy to support and contribute towards Charles Thompson’s mission Christmas appeal to keep the homeless warm and cared for.

Charles Thompson’s Mission aims to help care for men, women and families with no home and those who are in severe poverty by providing hot food, blankets, clothing and toiletries, along with love, care and compassion. They are an outstanding drop in centre, open seven days a week, located in Birkenhead. 

This year, like previous years, Charles Thompson’s Mission helps the families in extreme need, so they can experience the Christmas they deserve.

At Pali, we are going to help make that change. We will be collecting a variety of essential items such as:

• Clothes for men and women
• Blankets
• Sleeping bags
• Pop up tents 
• Children’s Clothes
• Hats/Scarves/Gloves
• Toiletries 
• Tinned food/long life food
• Bags/Backpacks

Our houses are full of unwanted items. These items could be extremely useful to someone else. Please consider donating clothing and basic essentials as damp, ripped and dirty clothes are all some have to wear. They need this now more than ever.

Any toys that can be donated are highly appreciated to help struggling Mothers and Fathers give their children a happy, warm Christmas. Please consider brightening up a families Christmas this year.

Would you like to help make a change? 

If you would like to donate, please go to the Charles Thompson’s mission website, or visit their drop in centre where you can see all the amazing work they do for the homeless:

Gina Davies
Pali Ltd

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Halloween Competition – Winners Announced!

A massive thank you to everyone who joined in the fun with our recent Halloween Competition!

As promised, the names were drawn at random on Wednesday 30th October and our three winners were announced!

Congratulations to:

* Samantha Taylor from Hawley & Rodgers Solictors
* Sarah Marriott from Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors
* Ben Wilde from Wilde & Co Solicitors

Your Halloween Fortnum & Mason hampers should have already been delivered!

We hope you all enjoy your prizes and had a spooktastic Halloween!

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Pali Teesside Supports Fundraiser for Butterwick Hospice

Pali Teesside is proudly supporting The Big Teesside Giveaway!

The Big Teesside Giveaway is a fundraiser for Butterwick Hospice Care with the giveaway being worth over £1700.

A selection of local businesses have collaborated to give members of the public a chance to win a huge Christmas present in support of the Butterwick Hospice.

Butterwick Hospice offers care to children and adults suffering life limiting illnesses. All services are provided free of charge. Butterwick Hospice Care incorporates Butterwick Hospice Stockton, Butterwick House and Butterwick Hospice Bishop Auckland.

The winner will be announced on The Big Teesside Giveaway’s Facebook Page on 6th December at 10am.

To purchase a ticket for the giveaway please make a donation of £5 to the Just Giving Page.

Pictured above; Jon Coupland, Sarah Cudbertson and Kerry Coupland from Pali Teesside

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Halloween Competition Time!

It’s Competition Time!

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for this year’s creepy competition . . .

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of THREE Fortnum and Mason Halloween Hampers, here’s what you need to do:

Simply enter the code SPOOKTACULAR SEARCHES in the ‘Additional information and comments box’ when placing orders online and that’s it!

Your name will then be entered into our prize draw and three lucky winners will be drawn on Wednesday 30th October.

The three winners will each receive a Spooky Hamper full of treats, no tricks.


The more codes entered, the greater the chance of winning!



Terms & Conditions

  • You must enter the code “Spooktacular Searches” at least once in the ‘Additional information and comments box’ featured on the order confirmation page
  • You have until close of play on Tuesday 29th October to enter the code
  • Only applicable to orders placed online at
  • The more orders made using the code, the greater the chance of winning
  • The prize will be sent to the user who placed the order
  • Receiving the prize in time for Halloween is subject to delivery
  • Don’t have logins? Email to be set up


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HS2 – What is the Future of the Scheme?

Uncertainty, misinformation and political unrest are not a new phenomenon within the United Kingdom. However, we are currently passing through particularly turbulent and uncertain times and the future of HS2 is contributing to this. This project has been inherited by three conservative prime ministers and four different conservative/ coalition governments, after it was originally devised by a Labour government back in 2009. The outlook, the timescale and the details surrounding this huge infrastructure project have varied considerably through each government and its viability as well as the actual cost of the project become increasingly uncertain.

HS2 (High Speed Two) is being developed by HS2 Ltd, an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Transport. The goal of HS2 was to serve over 25 stations connecting around 30 million people (almost half the population) and become the backbone of our rail network (HS2, 2019). It was supposed to spread the wealth of London, employ 30,000 people and be a catalyst for economic growth. The original budget for the entire project was £56 billion. Construction started back in 2017, mainly at the new stations situated at Euston and Old Oak Common in London, and more recently extensive ground preparation works have been taking place in Birmingham. Recently, uncertainty surrounding this substantial project has been growing, with many outside and within the government now calling for the project to be axed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has not stated that the scheme will be scrapped, but a review is underway with the results expected in the autumn and he has expressed “anxieties about the business case”, whilst speaking when running for the position of Conservative Party leader in July 2019 (BBC, 20191). However, the future of this project has been thrown into further uncertainty, by a number of statements and declarations from the relatively new Conservative government. This is a consequence of the HS2 Chairman’s stocktake report which was published in August, stating that the budget and target schedule for the programme have proved unrealistic. The original plans did not take sufficient account of the compound effect of building a high-speed line through a more densely populated country with more difficult topography than elsewhere and doing so whilst complying with higher environmental standards (, 2019). In addition, the Chairman, Allan Cook, wrote to the Department for Transport (DfT) to voice his concerns that HS2 cannot be delivered for the original budget of £56 million, in July (Ft.com2, 2019).

Estimates for the actual potential costs vary considerably. In his letter to the DfT, Mr Cooke reportedly warned that a potential overspend of £30 billion is not unlikely (BBC News, 20192). Furthermore, several Conservative MPs have come out and claimed that the project could cost more than £100 billion (Ing, 2019). Lord Andrew Adonis the self-proclaimed “architect of HS2” admitted on LBC, on the 1st of September 2019, that he does not know how much it will cost but it will be high. He also admitted that the project has been mismanaged. To add further doubt to the HS2 project, two days later, on the 3rd of September, Grant Shapps, the Secretary of State for Transport, confirmed the project could be delayed by up to five years. So, the future of this huge infrastructure project is going to remain unknown until at least the Autumn when a full review is going to be submitted to the government with a “go or no-go” decision by the end of the year.

Work commencing at London Euston Station

HS2 Ltd stated in a letter to Lord Forsyth (the House of Lords Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee) that £1.8 billion has already been spent on land and property purchases (HS2 Ltd, 2019). This included recently built homes and new developments along the proposed HS2 route (Paton, 2019). The £30m Shimmer estate, of 212 family homes, in Mexborough, South Yorkshire was completed in 2017. The residents received the news back in 2018 that 52 homes on the estate were set to be bulldozed along with eight on the nearby Doncaster Road only a few years after being completed (, 2019). Further, homeowners and businesses have reported compensation not paid on time ( 1) and compensation being low and below the market value (BBC News3).

The recent statements have given anti-HS2 protesters fuel for the fire, and real belief that this project will not be finished as planned. However, work has started, people have lost their homes and around £7.5bn has already been spent, including the works on Phase 1 which have already begun.

However Phase 2a, from Birmingham to Crewe, is currently near the end of its legislative process in Parliament and the legislation process for Phase 2b, from Manchester to Crewe, is due to begin in the near future. These plans were originally planned to be completed and amalgamated with Phase One and delivered to the same timescale. The government have admitted that costs for Phase 2a, from Birmingham to Crewe, and this section of the project are likely to rise (, 2019) but after recent developments it is unknown whether any work on this section will ever take place.

Proposed map of HS2, taken from (, 2019)

The statements, the conjecture and the figures surrounding this project do not help to answer the many unknowns and questions regarding HS2. It is clear that the project has not gone to plan. With everything hinging on the outcome of the HS2 review lead by Douglas Oakervee and his deputy, long-time opponent of HS2 Lord Berkeley, the prospects of HS2 hangs in the balance and, just like the political future of the UK, it is hard to predict and second guess. However, if you are a potential homeowner and worried about the prospect of HS2 or any other railway affecting the enjoyment of your property it is always wise to purchase a The Groundsure Energy and Transportation report. This report identifies large energy and transport projects within the vicinity of a property these include any large energy projects, Crossrail, the London Underground and any potential route for HS2.

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Free Webinar on Terrafirma Ground Report – When is it Needed and Why?

When: Tuesday 12th November 2019
Time: 11:00 AM                     
Duration: Approx 1 Hour 

Topics covered: 

In this presentation Terrafirma will be talking about when and why the Ground Report is required in property transactions, the benefits to property professionals, the purchaser and the mortgage lender, and finally they will be exploring the new updates to their highly anticipated second iteration of the Ground Report. 


To join this webinar please CLICK HERE

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Free Webinar – Which Report for which Scenario?

Which Residential report for which scenario?

When: Tuesday 1st October 2019
Time: 11:00
Duration: Approx 1 hour
CPD: 1 CPD point

Topics covered:

This presentation will provide a dedicated look at Groundsure suite of residential reports; why they should be purchased and under what circumstances. 

To join this webinar please CLICK HERE

Don’t have speakers or earphones?
Contact Jo Milne on to receive a FREE pair of earphones.

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Five Luxury Mansions to be Demolished!

During the construction of five luxury £1m houses, the owners have come to a standstill with the completion as two of the five houses have been built in the incorrect places, and one was built 0.3 foot higher that was originally permitted.  Despite Bolton council giving the go ahead for the plan back in 2014, Sparkle Developments came upon this issue as the houses did not correspond with their planning permissions. In urgency to correct this issue the owners suggested to demolish two homes, to then rebuild them in the correct plots, and to then alter the other house accordingly, this would cost them another £1m. Even with all the suggestions for correction from the owners, Bolton council still rejected their requests and decided that the five, six-bed homes were still too large and too far from each other and should all be demolished, but the council also ruled that the properties were representing inappropriate development within the greenbelt policy. The greenbelt policy is in place to prevent the urbanisation of wide areas of land, which provides a habitat to the local wildlife, however it is not impossible to build on this area, the owners only need the correct planning permissions.

The owners are now at risk of losing all five properties as the local authority have proposed an enforcement to flatten the whole development due to the complications with each property, regardless of the fact some houses meet the standards for the initial planning permissions in which were provided by Sparkle Developments, these were also approved by the council back in 2014. As of now the proposal to demolish the whole development is still at a halt as the developers have appealed the decision in hopes to save the properties.

 An owner of one of the properties, Elan Raja, has come out and told Bolton news that he remains “committed to working with the authority to find a compromise”,  even with this appeal planning chiefs have told the developers that the only tolerable plan for the future of these properties is to resist some of the houses and partially demolish others, although this may seem like the most applicable resolution to the situation the developers still remain stuck in their own plans. Another proposal came about in December of 2018, during a private meeting between the homeowners, to demolish one property but rebuilding it under 100 feet to the north-east, and another 57 feet north of the original placement of the property, however the planning agency which is working on behalf of the homeowners has not yet responded – even after being contacted several times.

These houses remain unfinished as of September 2019, as they have yet to create a plan of action for the future, in November there will be a hearing for the appeal of losing the houses all together, that will decide the future for these five houses.


Faith Wood 

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