HS2 Phase 2 - The Facts!

Posted: 28/01/2013

HS2 Phase 2The proposed route for the HS2 Phase 2 (High Speed Rail 2) was revealed today by the Government. The new HS2 railway has been controversial from the start and with the second phase costing an astronomical £32.7 billion, expect an increased amount of criticism surrounding the subject.

However, Pali wants to give you the facts so you can make up your own mind about the HS2 Phase 2. The HS2 Phase 2 is designed to reduce journey times, ease overcrowding, take cars off the road and boost regional business according to the officials of the project. The HS2 Phase 2 is hoped to be completed by 2032, six years after the HS2 Phase 1 has been completed. 100,000 jobs are also expected to be created by the HS2 Phase 2. The Department for Transport stated that there will be five stops on the Y shaped 211 mile extension to HS2 Phase 1 heading Northwards from Birmingham.

The stations that the HS2 Phase 2 will stop at are;

Manchester – alongside the existing Piccadilly station
Manchester Airport – interchange by the M56 between Warburton Green and Davenport Green
East Midlands – at Toton between Nottingham and Derby, 1 mile from the M1
Sheffield – at Meadowhall shopping centre
Leeds – at New Lane in the South Bank area connecting to the main station by walkway.

Dedicated links will also be created alongside the HS2 at Crewe to link up with the existing trains which will reduce journey times to Liverpool and Glasgow. You can view the Government proposed HS2 Phase 2 maps HERE for the Manchester line and HERE for the Leeds line.

The Government claims that the HS2 Phase 2 will reduce Manchester to Birmingham journey times to 41 minutes and Manchester to London journey times will be reduced to 68 minutes which is almost half the time it currently takes. The journey time from Leeds to Birmingham is currently 1 hour and 58 minutes but when the HS2 phase 2 is up and running, this journey time will be reduced to 57 minutes. The time it takes to travel from Leeds to London Euston Railway Station is currently 2 hours and 12 minutes which will be reduced to 82 minutes once the HS2 Phase 2 has been completed.

Pali's HS2 Phase 2 Services

Pali is currently offering three services relating to the HS2 Phase 1 and HS2 Phase 2. The first of these is a free instant HS2 Distance Checker where you can check the distance of any property within England and Wales to the HS2 railway line by simply typing in your post code. You can also purchase a Groundsure HS2 Report which details the nearest distance between the property and the railway within a 5000m radius, what the maximum speed of the train is at the nearest point to the property and the distance to the nearest overland and underground line location. Pali also include in our Personal Local Authority Searches the distance a property is from the proposed HS2 railway line.

If you would like to know more about the HS2 services Pali are currently offering, please do not hesitate to contact us on search@paliltd.com. What is your opinion on the HS2 in general and the latest HS2 Phase 2?

Amanda McGovern, Pali Ltd

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