Land Registry Documentation

About the service

Pali supply Official Copies of HM Land Registry Documentation. We have a direct link through to the Land Registry Business Gateway which makes the ordering and delivery of Land Registry products very easy.

All Land Registry Documentation provided from Land Registry through Pali are original official copies and ideal for conveyancing and use in a court of law. Examples of Land Registry Documentation that Pali can provide are listed below.

Land Registry Documentation – Title Register

The Title Register is part of the Land Registry Documentation and contains a description of the property, its tenure, the name and address of the owners, purchase price, details of mortgages and other charges, covenants, rights of way and other easements. Other elements of the Title Register which is part of the Official Land Registry Documentation will contain the price paid for the property if it was sold after 2000, details of filed documents at Land Registry and Official Land Registry Markings. The Title Register is intended to be viewed with the Title Plan where reference of easements and boundaries marked upon the Title Plan may be made.

Land Registry Documentation – Title Plan

The Title Plan accompanies the Title Register as the second main document of title which is part of the Land Registry Documentation pack. The Title Plan shows an outline of the property boundaries and its location in relation to local properties. It may also contain ‘T’ markings to highlight the location of fences and walls. The Title Plan may contain coloured markings referred to in the Title Register for rights of way and boundary lines and a North sign to show the lands orientation. The Title Plan as part of the Land Registry Documentation will also contain the title number and Official Land Registry markings.

Search of the Index Map

Not all the land in England and Wales is currently registered and when land is registered it is given a unique reference number called a title number. Any sale of registered land is based on the registered title, details of which are held in the register of that title. If the land is unregistered, any sale, gift or first mortgage of it will trigger first registration. A Search of the Index Map or SIM for unregistered land, the search result will show whether or not the land searched is registered, the title numbers that affect and the type of registration that has been disclosed. According to the Land Registry, a Search of the Index map is an essential part of the investigation of title on any transaction involving unregistered land for the following reasons:

  • The land, or part of it, may have been registered already
  • A caution against first registration protecting some claim adverse to the title of the applicant may have been registered

Bankruptcy Search

Pali can provide you with a Bankruptcy Search on specific names which will inform you if they have gone bankrupt or signed an agreement to deal with their debts in England and Wales.

Official Search of Whole or Part with Priority

This document protects the register for the applicant for a period of 28 days.