Our Services

Regulated Local Authority Searches

Pali founders have been producing Local Authority Searches since 1999. Pali can provide you with a Regulated Local Authority Search anywhere in England and Wales for both Residential and Commercial properties, or pieces of land.

Council Produced Local Authority Searches

Pali can provide you with a Council produced Local Authority Search anywhere in England and Wales for both Residential and Commercial properties, or pieces of land.

Regulated Drainage and Water Searches

A Regulated Pali Produced Drainage & Water Search provides information on a range of topics, as well as billing and charging information.

Water Company Produced Drainage & Water Searches

You can order both a Residential and Commercial Drainage & Water Search produced by the Water Company from Pali and the process will be easier as opposed to going to the Water company directly.

Lawyer Checker

Pali has integrated with Lawyer Checker which enables clients to order the Account Identity Report via the Pali Platform, reducing time and the need to log in and out of systems.

Environmental Reports

Pali has partnered leading Environmental Search Companies such as Groundsure, Future Climate Info and Landmark. Pali can provide you with a vast array of different Environmental Report’s for any type and size of property or land.

Mining Searches

Pali can provide you with all Mining Searches. Pali’s online ordering system can inform you if an address is situated in an area where Mining and Mineral Searches are recommended.

Chancel Check Reports

You can purchase a ChancelCheck Chancel Repair Liability Report from Pali which informs you if a property is liable for Chancel repair. There are two reports that can come back from the Chancel Repair Liability Report.

Company Reports

Pali can provide you with a Company Report for any of the registered companies in England and Wales. Pali are also able to produce Company Reports for companies registered in Ireland.

Land Registry Documentation

Pali supply Official Copies of HM Land Registry Documentation. We have a direct link through to the Land Registry Business Gateway which makes the ordering and delivery of Land Registry products very easy.

Utility Searches

Pali provide various utility company asset maps and searches which give locations of infrastructure such as gas pipelines, electricity and telecommunication cables, water mains and sewers.

Case Management System Integration

Pali has seamlessly integrated with Case Management Systems to streamline the Conveyancing process for clients removing the need to log in and out of different systems and to ensure everything they require is under one roof.

SDLT/LTT and AP1 Submission

Pali have teamed up with property and tax e-submission experts SDLT.co.uk to enable conveyancers and support staff to submit their SDLT, LTT and AP1 forms via the Pali platform.

Indemnity Policies

Pali offer Search and Legal Indemnity solutions provided by CLS Ltd, for property professionals all at the touch of a button.

Anti-Money Laundering Searches

Pali have teamed up with Searches Group who are one of the leading money laundering experts. This allows users to order Anti-Money Laundering Searches through the Pali Platform.

Planning & Building Control Copy Certificates

Pali can supply you with copies of Planning Application Decision Notices, Building Regulation Applications and Completion Certificates