Indemnity Policies – New Online Feature

Indemnity Policy System Update

The user experience for PALI clients has been further improved for the ordering of Indemnity Policies.

Clients now have the added benefit of being able to back date policies when ordering online via The policies can be back dated to a maximum of thirty days prior to the order date which should prove a useful function and ensure each policy reflects the actual start date, even if you weren’t in a position to order it at that time.

CLS Property Insight who are behind the policies, are the leading Legal Indemnity provider for property professionals. Their innovative online system which aids due diligence and manages risk has been fully integrated in to the Pali Platform ensuring a seamless transaction for clients.

Last year PALI was the first Search Provider to introduce CLS’s leading ‘Variable Statements of Fact’ facility which allows for even more policy options online. Bespoke quotes that usually require an underwriters approval can now be placed online, within minutes. Previously, where the Statements of Fact could not be met, it would require contacting CLS’s underwriting team for a bespoke quotation. This functionality provides more Statement of Fact drop-down options available within the affected policies which prompts you to choose the best description that fits your clients’ needs. This results in more drafts being generated online and removes the need for an offline referral.

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