Local Authority Search (Council Compiled)

Pali can provide you with a Council produced Local Authority Search anywhere in England and Wales for both Residential and Commercial properties, or pieces of land. A Local Authority Search is usually requested by Solicitors or Conveyancers acting on behalf of someone wishing to purchase a property.

Local Authority Searches produced by members of the relevant Council rather than Pali can be difficult to order. Each Council has their own methods for accepting search requests, returning completed reports and accept different methods of payment. If you order a Local Authority Search produced by the Council through Pali, we will accept any form of instruction and do the hard work on your behalf. As soon as the Local Authority Search has been returned from the council we will be able to email the report to your inbox, and archive it on our website, hassle free.

Unfortunately, Council produced Local Authority Searches generally do not adhere to the Search Code or come with a Search Warranty. There is also no consistency between Council produced searches so you cannot be sure what layout, format or manner of delivery searches will be returned to you in. Some Councils will only return printed copies of searches rather than electronic versions which can make it difficult to store or transmit the searches electronically.

As an alternative to the Council produced Local Authority Search, you can order a Regulated Local Authority Search which is produced by a member of Pali and delivered electronically via email and again archived on our website, in a PDF format. If receiving your Local Authority Search via email is not suitable for you, we can also deliver your Local Authority Search in whatever manner suites you best including; fax, DX, post, or you can download reports direct from Pali's web based system.

If you would like to know more about Local Authority Searches, please contact us here or call 0151 691 1170.

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