Mining & Mineral Searches

Pali can provide you with all localised Mining and Mineral Searches such as Coal, Tin, Lead, Gypsum, Clay and Limestone. If you are unsure if a property is in a Mining or Mineral area, Pali's online ordering system will automatically inform you if the address is situated in an area where Mining and Mineral Searches are recommended.

Coal Mining Search (including Cheshire Brine)

A Coal Mining Search consists of information about mining activity on a property specific basis such as past, present and future underground coal mining activity, mine entries, open case mining from the past, present and the future along with coal mining subsidence and many other pieces of information. A Coal Mining Search produced by the Coal Authority also gives details of whether a property is in a Cheshire Brine area and if so, details all of the information relating to the specific property and local area is searched against. A Coal Mining Search including Cheshire Brine can be purchased for a Residential or a Commercial property.

Cheshire Brine is a type of salt and has been mined from underground deposits for hundreds of years in the area of Cheshire leaving massive caves underground which are liable to subsidence which could cause damage to property. A compensation scheme is in place and the area covered by this scheme can be identified from a Cheshire Brine Search which is included within the Coal Mining Search as part of the Mining Searches that Pali offer.

Metalliferous Mining Search (including Tin)

A Metalliferous Mining Search including Tin is produced with reference to the extensive mining archive in order to provide an assessment of mining risk to the property in question. The report includes a plan showing the property boundary and any mining features which may be considered as a risk to the property. Clear recommendations will be provided where further action need to may take place such as visual inspection of the property. A Metalliferous Mining Search including Tin Mining can be purchased for a Residential or a Commercial property.

Gypsum Mining Search

A Gypsum Mining Search will establish whether it is likely that a property will suffer from mining subsidence if it is built on or near a former Gypsum mine. Gypsum is a mineral used in the production of plaster, plasterboard and cement. Abandoned opencast Gypsum mines are often back filled and the waste from the mines are dumped into landfills which can be reclaimed for housing. Gypsum mining has taken place and still takes place in East Sussex, Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria. A Gypsum Mining Search can be purchased for a Residential or a Commercial property.

China & Ball Clay Mining Search

A China & Ball Clay Mining Search is carried out to establish whether a property is on land with known clay deposits which may be worked in the future or whether it has been mined in the past. For properties in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset these Mining Searches should be seriously considered. This Mining Search will reveal if a property is likely to suffer from subsidence due to past mining activities. China clay is commercial clay composed principally of kaolinite and Ball clay is a fine, highly plastic sedimentary clay which is near white in colour. A China & Ball Clay Mining Search can be ordered for both Residential & Commercial properties.

Limestone Mining Search

A Limestone Mining Search should be considered for properties in the West Midlands where limestone mining was common until the 1930s. Mining activity has ceased since then therefore, the risk is diminishing as more time passes. However a potential subsidence risk does still remain. A Limestone Mining Search can be ordered for both Residential & Commercial properties.

If you would like to know more about Pali's Mining and Mineral Searches please feel free to contact us.

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