Did you know that as many as one in 25 people in the UK are homeless?

The definition of homelessness according to the law includes rough sleepers, single people in hostels and people in temporary accommodation.

At least one in 206 people in England is classed as being homeless, according to this criteria.

London has the highest proportion of homelessness in the country – with the borough of Newham recording one in 25 people as homeless.

Closer to home for Pali HQ, around 40 people are thought to be regularly sleeping on the streets of Merseyside, a record number for the region.

Surely in 2017 homelessness should not be an issue.

What can we do about it?

Here at Pali HQ we are extremely excited to be contributing towards Charles Thompson’s Mission Christmas Appeal to help provide much needed provisions for homeless people across Wirral. Charles Thompson’s Mission works tirelessly year-round to provide help for men and women who are homeless, poor and needy to get out of poverty. They provide hot food, clothing and other basic essentials.

Their Christmas appeal looks at providing much needed essentials to rough sleepers and struggling families, by asking people to donate items that many of us take for granted.

We will be helping the homeless of Wirral by donating items such as deodorant, shower gel, wet wipes, clean underwear etc. We all have these items in abundance in our homes and don’t realise how much some people may need it.  They are also asking for toy donations to help struggling families be able to provide an enjoyable Christmas to their children.

It really doesn’t take much to help others, I personally always remind myself that there is a fine line between myself and a person who is sleeping rough. We need to help each other, especially in the run up to Christmas when the weather changes for the worst. Don’t forget about those who can’t get out of the rain and cold into a centrally heated home. For some people, that cold and damp doorway is their temporary home.

Please take the time this holiday season to consider helping those less fortunate.

If you would like to know more about the amazing work Charles Thompson’s Mission does, please visit their website www.charlesthompsonsmission.org.uk

Want to join us?

If you want to help the homeless near you, below are some handy links:

Jenna Wilkinson, Pali Ltd