Contaminated land fears for 112 homes in Amlwch

Soil samples from 112 gardens will be taken and tested to find out if a smelting copper works, which was in the region over 200 years ago, has contaminated the land.

The samples will be collected from the Craig-y-Don estate on Anglesey.

According to the council the ground survey was merely a “precautionary measure”.

In the 19th Century the town of Amlwch became the wold’s primary copper producer and from 1889 fertiliser was also produced in the town.

Before the early 1950’s when Craig-y-Don was built, the site was frequently referred to as “Gwaith Hills” which was a reference to the Chemical Works which produced fertilisers there.

The site was also used for smelting copper from around 1786 with the majority of the intense activity taking place between the town’s port ant the Parys Mountain.

Residents at Craig-y-Don have been written to by the council to inform them that there is currently no evidence that the land in contaminated, however the council has an obligation to assess and investigate sites that have been used for historical uses which could have caused contamination.

The Welsh Government has received funding to appoint specialists to carry out the work throughout December and January.

Council leader LLino Medi has said that the report detailing the initial survey results is expected in March 2018.

She said, “The survey is a precautionary measure,” she said.

“I realise that this will raise concerns amongst residents, but I also want to reassure them that the county council will do everything it can to ensure appropriate support and guidance until this matter is resolved.”

The council’s head of housing service, Shan Lloyd Williams, said “A large number of properties on the estate are now in private ownership, but as this issue affects the whole estate we will ensure that the sampling process is undertaken on behalf of all residents, at no cost. These assessments are essential to reassure individual families and the local community”

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