Further investigations needed to make land safe for new Sheffield school

Sheffield Council has taken the first steps to ensure that a proposed new school is safe for children.

In a new report, it has been outlined that the authority plans to construct a new secondary school to cope with the increase of demand for places. It is suggested it will cost £25m and is to be built on contaminated land off Carterknowle Road.

A preliminary report into to project revealed that the site was formerly used for a landfill and is still a risk to human health.

A second report has been published following further investigations outlining corrective actions that the council can carry out.

One of the suggestions is to apply gas protection measures within the design of the school, such as specialised types of ventilation, to mitigate the risks associated with methane and carbon dioxide.

The report also calls for additional investigations involving collecting samples of soil from the area that has been proposed as the playing field.

Over 40 have objected to the plans for Bannerdale School with many of the, being concerned about the risk to children’s health.

Sheffield councillor, Jackie Drayton said “Providing a first-class education and enabling every child to achieve their potential is our absolute priority. Submitting this application for a new school on the Bannerdale site is the next step in the authority’s plans to provide more school places for children in south west Sheffield and, indeed, for the city as a whole. A decision will be made on the application in due course.”

Around 5,500 children require Year 7 places each year and this number is set to rise to over 6,100 by 2021.

A public meeting will be taking place at St Oswalds Church, Bannerdale Road on Thursday at 6:30pm to discuss the proposals.

Kirsty Rogers, Pali Ltd


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