ISP – Intelligent Search Pack

The Intelligent Search Pack

Ensuring the best combination of searches are ordered at the touch of a button

The Intelligent Search Pack (ISP) is designed to remove doubt when it comes to purchasing location specific searches and allows you to rest assured the search pack you are ordering is the most cost effective, relevant pack for the hazards flagged. You still have full control if you wish to proceed with your usual search pack and you can pre-set your preferences, for example, if you only want one specific Environmental Company displayed, this can be defaulted and you’ll still be presented with the best possible combination. The ISP works in synergy with the PALI Smart Quote ensuring all quotations trigger the appropriate searches for that location. No need to refund or ask for more money from your client for the searches, the whole quotation is 100% accurate from the start.

  • Cross references all property related hazards
  • Generates the most cost effective, relevant bundle of searches for that location
  • Interrogates datasets from Groundsure / Landmark / FCI / Terrafirma
  • Option to default to your preferred supplier – still presents best option
  • Control to override the recommendations
  • Intelligent algorithm automatically calculates smartest option in real time
  • No overspending on Environmental/Mining where the data is not necessary
  • Ensuring all hazards are covered at all times
  • No need to conduct your own location investigation
  • View the price before committing
  • Integrated with the PALI Smart Quote so all quotes include accurate search prices.

For more information or to book a demo, please contact a friendly member of the team on / 0800 023 5030.