Pali First To Launch Enhanced Indemnity Policy Facility

We are excited to announce the launch of our Variable Statements of Fact facility, in conjunction with CLS Property Insight, which allows for even more policy options online. Bespoke quotes that usually require an underwriters approval can now be placed online, within minutes. Previously, where the Statements of Fact could not be met, it would require contacting our underwriting team for a bespoke quotation. Our new functionality will mean there will be more Statement of Fact drop-down options available within the affected policies to prompt you to choose the best description that fits your clients’ needs. This will mean more drafts can be generated online avoiding the need for an offline referral.

Clients were already able to order Indemnity Policies via the award winning Pali Platform as well as view samples and create draft policies that could be ordered later with ease. With this new enhanced feature, users will now receive a quote in minutes for complex cases, with more quotes processed online and the amount of offline bespoke cases involving an underwriter is vastly reduced. For example, where there has been a breach to a covenant within the last 12 months, previously you would have to fall offline for a bespoke Restrictive Covenant quote, the online system now has ranges which cover where a breach occurred 6 months ago. Previously the online system covered where possessory title was registered over 12 months ago now, if the possessory title has only been granted for a few weeks, you can obtain coverage online without the need of contacting our bespoke team. Prices continue to be displayed up front in a clear format with no hidden fees appearing later on.

Pali is currently the only Search Provider that offers this facility.

Steve Johnson, national key account manager at CLS Property Insight commented; ‘We’re proud to work with PALI and congratulate them on their swift adoption of the latest enhancement to CLS Property Insight insurance services namely our variable statement of fact workflow.  I am sure PALIs continued innovation will be well received by their clients and we look forward to supporting them on future service developments.’ 

This enhanced Indemnity Policy feature further compliments Pali’s seamless data-flow system making clients’ lives even easier and saving valuable time.

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